Lost: “Lighthouse”

Lost blogs are back! I am starting four episodes behind, but it is better late then never! Too many questions, not enough answers. This is what I have gotten in the five episodes of the final season of LOST that have aired so far. Yes, there are eighteen left and still time to answer questions, but will they accomplish their goal of a satisfying ending for their fans? My gut tells me yes and if they don’t then I have wasted five years of my life being devoted to this show. 

So far,  season six has been a glimpse into a “sideways” world where the castaways never crashed on the island and they all made it safely to Los Angeles. John Locke is getting married to Helen, Boone could not convince Shannon to leave Australia, Ben is a teacher, Jack is a father, Rose works at an office and is dying of cancer, Hurley is a lucky and rich man, Ethan is a doctor at a LA hospital, Kate is still a fugitive and Claire is about to give birth. We still have not learned the lives of Sayid, Sawyer, Jin or Sun. Back in the island world, the bomb that Juliet set off brought them back to 2007 to where everybody is in the same timeline with Jin and Sun now being only miles apart. Kate, Jack, Hurley, Sawyer, Sayid and Jin have been stuck at the temple of The Others. Sun, Ben and Lapidus have been on the beach trying to figure out who John Locke, aka the Man in Black, really is. So we have this sideways world and then the island world. We were also introduced to some new Others that inhabit the Temple. Dogen seems like the leader of the Temple and he has his sidekick Lennon who translates for him. So in the four episodes that have happened Sayid died and was brought back to life. The Man in Black killed a bunch of people. Hurley is taking orders from Jacob. Juliet died in Sawyer’s arms. Sawyer decided to join the Man in Black and Jin came upon a Rousseau looking Claire that has been living in the jungle for three years. Have I missed anything else important?

So let’s talk “Lighthouse.” Even though this episode did not answer many questions, it was still interesting. “Lighthouse” was a Jack-centric episode showing us the sideways Jack and island Jack. In sideways world, Jack has a son with an unknown to us woman. He seems like is not really a devoted father, but is trying to make amends with his son, since his own father has died. He still seems like the same guilt ridden Jack but with a son. On the island, Jack has made a friend in Dogen and they start to appreciate each other’s honesty. Jack is then approached by Hurley who has been given a task to take Jack to the lighthouse because someone is coming to the island and they need help finding it. Jack tells him he doesn’t want to go, but Hurley is instructed by Jacob to tell Jack that “he has what it takes”. Jack follows him thinking he is going to meet Jacob.  They find the lighthouse and climb to the top to find a dial and a bunch of mirrors. As Jack goes to turn the dial to 108, he passes numbers and he sees in the mirrors a Korean house and a church. He notices everyone’s names on the dial and proceeds to turn it to number 23, which has Shephard written next to it. When he stops at 23, he sees in the mirrors the house that he grew up in. Hurley can not answer any of his questions so he freaks out and destroys the mirrors. Hurley then sees Jacob again and Hurley apologizes for his plan being ruined. Jacob tells him that everything will work out and they can not go back to the temple because someone bad is coming.

To me the most important parts of the episode were Jacob, Hurley and Jack. Jacob obviously has a plan for Jack and Hurley plays an important part too, but of course we have no idea what that is! Elsewhere on the island, Kate goes to look for Claire who is with Jin. Claire is told by Jin that Aaron was with Kate, but then takes it back and says he is with the Others. Then John comes and Claire tells Jin he is not John, he is her friend. So we have a sideways Jack with a son, Claire is friends with the Man in Black, someone is coming to the island and someone bad is on the way to the temple.

Tidbits of the night: In sideways world, Christian has Claire in his will, but his wife and Jack do not know who she is. Christian’s body is still missing from the plane. Jack can not remember having his appendix removed as a child. In island world, Jack and Hurley come back to the caves and see the skeletons again (I still think it is Rose and Bernard). They also find Shannon’s inhaler. The church that Jack sees in the mirrors is the same one that Sawyer’s parents funeral was held and the place where Sun and Jin were married was shown in the mirrors. When Dogen finds Hurley wandering around the Temple and tells him to go back to the courtyard, Hurley tells him he is a candidate and he can do what ever he wants. Dogen then tells Hurley in Japanese “You’re lucky that I have to protect you. Otherwise I’d have cut your head off.” Which of course Hurley has no idea what Dogen was saying.

Fun fact from Lostpedia: The lighthouse protractor reveals the following potential candidates that weren’t previously known from the cliff side cave:

  • Rousseau crossed out at number 20.
  • Stanhope crossed out at 48.
  • Austen at number 51. Austen is not crossed out and was not shown in the scene in the cave in “The Substitute.”
  • Burke crossed out at number 58.
  • Faraday crossed out at number 101.
  • Lewis crossed out at number 104, which is different from The Substitute where she has number 140.
  • Rutherford crossed out at number 32, which is different from The Substitute where she has number 31.
  • Wallace crossed out at number 108.
  • Friendly crossed out at number 109.
  • Linus crossed out at number 117.
  • Dawson crossed out at number 124.
  • Littleton crossed out at number 313.

So the new questions now are: where did the Lighthouse come from? Why is Jack so important to Jacob? Who is the mother of Jack’s son? What does the Man in Black have to do with Claire? Why did Jin lie to Claire? Why would Claire want to kill Kate? Why is Dogen protecting Hurley? Of course there are many more questions, but we will start with these. Now we are left to ponder for another week! And as always if you want more theories do not forget about Doc Jensen: http://www.ew.com/ew/article/0,,20313460_20346540,00.html

See you next Wednesday!


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