My Travel Dreams

So I am the type of person who when I get a little bit of extra money I go on a trip. For me life is about doing the things you want to do and not sweat the small stuff. It is also too short just to sit around and do nothing. And let’s face it, sometimes you need a break! So far in my life I have been to thirteen states ( Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Arizona, California, Minnesota, Utah, Wyoming, Washington, Colorado, New Mexico, Nebraska and South Dakota), Victoria, BC, and Mazatlan, Mexico.  

I like to go somewhere new every year. I broke that rule last year and went to Anaheim again and Las Vegas again. This year though I have  finally abided by my rule and made plans to visit two places I have never been to: Orlando and San Diego. I am very excited for these two vacations. I am spending seven days in Orlando and plan on visiting Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and probably will spend a day at the beach. I have never been to the east coast and look forward to seeing how different it is from the west coast. I wish we had a couple of more days though. I definitely would love to see the Kennedy Space Center and go to Miami. San Diego will be five days devoted to Comic Con and maybe a trip to the zoo or Sea World. Comic Con has been on my bucket list and I was glad to find some people who share the same desire to go.

Even though I am excited for these trips, I would like to go bigger. I am hoping that 2011 will be the year I will get to visit one of my top five places to visit. They are:

 #1. New Zealand: Yes I am a huge nerd and would love to walk the road to Mordor. Besides the Lord of the Rings obsession, this country is gorgeous. I heard from a New Zealander that January or February is the time to go because it is their summer and everyone is at the beach partying.

#2. Egypt: The Ancient Near East was one of my favorite classes in college and I would love to explore Cairo and the Valley of the Kings.

#3. Washington DC: I am a huge history buff and would love to explore this city. I have seen a travelling exhibit of the Smithsonian and just that little taste was not enough. Would definitely want to spend at least a week here.

#4. Western Europe: My favorite subject in history is World War II and I would love to do a backpack trip through Europe. I really want to see Normandy, Paris, Berlin, the concentration camps, London, Anne Frank’s house, etc. My whole trip would be devoted to historic sites and visiting castles.

#5: New York: Another thing on my bucket list, spend New Years Eve in New York at least once.

This year, my goal is to save up enough money to go to one of these places next year. I have not decided on a place yet, so, where should I go?



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