Lost: The Package

I have really been looking forward to the sideways story of Sun and Jin, but their story kind of just filled the holes that were from previous episodes. It was still good though and had interesting twists.    

Jin is checked by customs

 Last time we saw Jin and Sun in the “sideways world” Jin was being taken to customs and there was a scene of him being found in a freezer by Sayid. Now we have the what happened in between those moments. Quick recap: Jin was released by customs without the money, Keamy came to claim his money and watch at Sun’s hotel room, Mikhail (Russian guy with one eye) resurfaced as Keamy’s translator, Mikhail took Sun to the bank to get their money back but Sun’s dad took her all of her money, Jin was brought to the restaurant and was tied up, Sayid came and shot everyone, he found Jin and gave him a box cutter and then Jin freed himself from the freezer. 

Mikhail is still a bad guy

I like how all of these past characters show up randomly, like Mikhail. And he had both eyes, but then was shot in the eye by Jin! So he loses the eye no matter what.  It is interesting that all of these characters have an other life trait or something  happens to them that happened in the other world. Does that make sense? Like Jack’s appendix scar and not being able to remember how it happened. Or Sayid never being able to be with Nadia. Or Sawyer and Miles being partners. There are also moments like they don’t recognize themselves or they seem like they are remembering something. Jack and Sun have had moments where they have looked in the mirror and it seems they are having a flashback or something. Also when Kate had a sign of recognition when she saw Jack at the airport. It just seems that both of the worlds intersect some how.   

Sun is injured

Okay, back to recap! Sun and Mikhail come back to the restaurant to find that everyone had been attacked. Jin threatens Mikhail with a gun and Sun ends up getting shot while the Jin/Mikhail fight happens. And that’s it, we don’t know whether she lived or not. Poor Sun and on top of it she was pregnant. Interesting bit about Jin and Sun’s other life, they are not married, but he still works for her father and she still has the idea to run from her father. I wonder who he was suppose to deliver the watch to in Los Angeles in the first place in season one.   

It was nice to see everybody on the island this time and not just focusing on one group of people. Probably because the episode was about Sun and Jin and they have been in two different places on the island for what seems like forever! Each  of them had their own bit of drama. Jin tried to leave fake Locke’s camp, but was kidnapped by Charles Widmore. Apparently Widmore needs Jin for something Dharma related and since Jin was in the Dharma Initiative he knows something. To me it wasn’t really clear why Widmore needed Jin, other than to tell him a few things.    

Locke goes to find Widmore

 Fake Locke comes back to camp and finds everyone unconscious. He takes Sayid and they make their way to Widmore’s camp where Widmore tells fake Locke he doesn’t have Jin. Locke tells him that war is coming now and leaves. When he gets back to camp he tells Sawyer that Widmore denied having Jin. Sawyer notices that Sayid didn’t come back with him and fake Locke hints that Sayid stayed to find out what was in the locked cabinet that Sawyer saw on the submarine. He tells Sawyer that he doesn’t like secrets.    

Sun encounters troubles of her own back at the good guys camp. She encounters fake Locke in her garden and he tries to get her to go with him promising her that he found Jin. She runs from him, ends up hitting her head and losing the ability to speak English. She is found unconscious by Ben and tries to tell him that Locke was there. Richard comes back to the camp and tells everyone they need to destroy the plane in order to keep fake Locke from leaving the island (I believe none of this group knows that Charles Widmore is on the island). Sun freaks out because all she wants to do is find Jin and leave the island, but no one can understand her since all she can speak is Korean. Jack tells everyone that the bump on her head probably is the reason she can’t remember English.   

Jack and Sun have a heart to heart

Jack finds her later and has her write out what happened. She tells him that fake Locke promised Jin, but she doesn’t trust fake Locke enough to go with him. Jack asks her if she trusts him and she nods yes. Jack promises her that he will get all of them off of the island.   

Back at Hydra Island, Widmore tells Jin that he came to stop fake Locke from leaving the island and gives Jin a camera of Sun’s, that he found on the Ajira flight, with pictures of his daughter on it. Widmore tells Jin if fake Locke isn’t stopped the Kwon’s reunion would be short-lived. Jin asks him how is going to do that and Widmore tells him it is time to see the package. The package is Desmond and Sayid watches from the water as they take him from the sub to Widmore. Yay for Desmond finally coming back, but how will he help Widmore? So the plot wasn’t really advanced, just everyone making their own plans! Widmore has Desmond, Richard wants to blow up the plane, Jack goes back to hero mode and Jin and Sun are no closer to finding one another. 

Desmond is the "package"

All of my questions for this episode are about Desmond! There is so much about him that we don’t know yet, like what happened to him after the castaways were at the church last season. Did Widmore find him and kidnap him? Where is Penny and little Charlie? Is Desmond destined to kill the Man in Black? Daniel Faraday told him he was special and the rules didn’t apply to him, so obviously he is important and now Widmore has brought Desmond back to the island to help defeat Smokey. BUT WHY??!! So many Desmond questions, but next week is suppose to be a Desmond-centric episode. Something to look forward to! Theories or comments? Leave them for me!


Lost: “Ab Aeterno”

Richard in 1867
Richard in 1867

This is the episode that I have been waiting for. It has been three seasons since Richard Alpert made his debut and there has not been one single episode focused on him. He is the most mysterious character of the show (he can not age!) and his story needed to be revealed. “Ab Aeterno” not only gave his story, but gave some more insight into Jacob and the Man in Black.

Richard, like everybody else, has a depressing back story. He is from the Canary Islands and lived with his wife Isabella. While trying to help his wife recover from a disease, he accidently kills a doctor he is trying to get medicine from. Getting help is a lost cause anyways since his wife dies while he is gone. He is then arrested, was going to be put to death, but since he can speak English he is instead put on the ship we know as the Black Rock and sent away. TIDBIT: Richard became the property of Magnus Hanso, the great-grandfather of Alvar Hanso. Alvar helped fund the Dharma Initiative. So the Black Rock sets sail but ends up crashing on the island due to a storm. 

The Black Rock destroyed the statue

ANSWER!!!: The Black Rock was what destroyed the statue on the island by crashing into it. That is why there is only a foot now. 

After one of the officers starts to kill the slaves on the ship in order to not have to give them any of the food, the smoke monster comes along killing everyone, but Richard. He spends what seems like days in the chains trying to escape. A vision of his wife appears and tries to help him out. She tells him the devil is there and he needs to leave. The smoke monster snatches her up before Richard can get away. THEORY: The smoke monster can shape shift into anybody. It seems like he picks a face that people trust in order for them to listen to him or do his bidding or just to drive the person crazy. Examples: Jack and Claire seeing their father,  Kate seeing the black horse, Mr. Eko seeing his brother, Richard seeing his wife and now the Man in Black is John Locke.  

The Man in Black comes to Richard and helps him out of his chains. He tells Richard “the devil” meaning Jacob, has his wife. He gives Richard a knife and tells him if he kills this man Richard will be with Isabella again. It is interesting that the Man in Black tells Richard the same thing that Dogen said to Sayid (he needs to stab him before the man can speak). Richard goes to kill Jacob, but ends up getting beat up by Jacob. He realizes Richard has been talking to the Man in Black. He tells Richard that it wasn’t his wife and that Richard is alive, not in hell.

The wine is the Man in Black and the cork is the island.

After calming Richard down, Jacob reveals to him that he is not the only one that has tried to kill Jacob, there have been others before him. He also explains to Richard that the Man in Black is something evil and the island is holds him back. He tells Richard the Man in Black believes everyone can be corrupted and Jacob brings people to the island (like Richard) to prove him wrong. He wants people to be able to know what is right and wrong without being told. Jacob doesn’t want to be the person to help decide so he offers Richard the job to be Jacob’s representative and gives him the power to live forever in exchange. Richard sees the Man in Blacka again who tells that there is still has a place for him if he wants it. Richard says no and gives the Man in Black a white rock from Jacob. Later, Jacob talks to the Man in Black and gives him the bottle of wine to pass the time and asks if he sent Richard to kill him. The Man in Black says he did it because he wants to leave the island. Jacob tells the Man in Black he will be see him later. The Man in Black smashes the wine bottle and says “sooner than you think”. 

In the present, Ilana tells Sun, Frank, Hurley, Ben and Jack that she is there to protect the six candidates and Richard will know what to do next. Richard tells her he has no idea and tells them they are all in hell. He runs off to the spot where he buried his wife’s necklace almost two hundred years before. Richard screams out that he has changed his mind and wants to know if the offer still stands. 

Isabella wants Richard to forgive himself

Hurley reveals himself and tells Richard Isabella sent him. Hurley convinces Richard he is telling the truth and tells Richard that it wasn’t his fault that Isabella died. Hurley tells Richard that Isabella also said that Richard needs to stop the Man in Black from leaving the island or everyone is going to go to hell. Fake Locke watches them from a distance. 

So we are back to the white is good, black is evil, heaven/hell and the one side prevails ideas. Thanks to Doc Jensen, “Ab Aeterno” means “since the beginning of time”. This might be directed towards Jacob and the Man in Black. Since the beginning of time they have had the disagreement about the goodness of people. The Man in Black thinks people are corruptible no matter what and Jacob continually tries to prove him wrong. Richard proved Jacob’s theory right. He chose the good side and became Jacob’s right hand man.  

Jacob’s job is to not let the evil off the island. He tells the Man in Black that as long as Jacob is alive he will not leave and Jacob will replace himself in order to keep that promise. The castaways are the ones there now to keep the Man in Black from leaving. Q. Does the Man in Black know this? Q. If Jacob brought the Black Rock to the island, did Jacob cause the plane to come to the island too? I am not so sure that the Man in Black does know, because he would have tried to kill them by now because he told Jacob he would kill anybody that took his place. But then again no one has taken Jacob’s place. They are just candidates for right now. Also, Jack and Hurley finally found out about Fake Locke. They now know that he is what Ilana is protecting them from. I think that it might come down to Jack and Hurley being the one to take over for Jacob. Whoever it is though, someone is destined to kill the Man in Black and one of the castaways is going to be the one to do it or possibly even Richard. Q. If the Man in Black does die, will this release everyone from the island’s power?  

Overall, awesome episode. Richard’s story was worth the wait. I would like to see a Jin/Sun story next week. They need to be reunited and they have not had a sideways story yet. Also, where is freakin Desmond!? Brutha (in his accent) needs to come back! So leave your thoughts, I am always interested in other people’s theories. See you next week!


Lost: Recon

More of this please

There are two things that I got out of last nights episode. One: Sawyer should always be shirtless. Two: When Lost is over, they need to do a cop buddy spin-off with Sawyer and Miles as the main characters. I have to admit, the episode did nothing for me. Sideways Sawyer was pretty interesting with him being a cop and meeting Charlotte. He has the same past being that his parents still died and Anthony Cooper was involved, except that he decided to go the cop route instead of the criminal route. I liked that him and Miles were partners. It mirrored their experience as Sawyer being head of Dharma security and Miles being his right hand man. They make good partners. I thought for a second that maybe the women he was going to meet for a date was going to be Juliet. Theory: Maybe Juliet is Jack’s ex-wife in sideways world. We still have yet to see her. 

The island Sawyer didn’t really accomplish anything. The only thing he did was trigger a war between Widmore and Fake Locke. Q. Is Widmore there to kill Ben or kill Fake Locke? How does he know about Fake Locke? Sawyer, Kate and Jin all know that Locke isn’t Locke, so why do they follow him? I would totally have the plan that Sawyer has. Let them fight it out and steal the sub. Or he needs to find the rest of the Scooby gang and get Lapidus to fly them out of there. I think I need to watch it over again though because I missed the exchange of Sawyer and Jin in the beginning of the episode. Jin hadn’t been seen for a couple of episodes and apparently he was still hanging out in Claire’s camp and Sawyer found him.  

It was fun to watch crazy Claire attack Kate with Sayid watching. Locke was the one that needed to step in and shake some sense into Claire. Q. Why does Fake Locke have such a hold on her and Sayid? I half expected Claire to stab Kate in the back when she hugged her later. I don’t buy into the “I’m sorry”, crying bit though. 

Not sure about this

Claire wants Aaron and will probably do anything to get him back. I also don’t buy into the fact that all Fake Locke wants to do is get off the island. Where is he going to go and what is he going to do? Wreak smoke monster havoc on Los Angeles or somewhere else? Other than Sawyer making plans of his own, nothing really happened this week. “Recon” did not have the same goodness that “Dr. Linus” had last week (although some might argue with me on this). I honestly could have gone without watching the parts on the island and watched a whole hour of sideways Sawyer instead.  

I may sound cynical now, but my Examiner article this week, Fans need to have faith in Lost, is about staying with the show. I do believe there is a purpose to everything and this is why I tune in every week. I have become invested in these characters and the story. I have become a defender of the show. A friend and I had a discussion last night about how some fan bases are constantly criticized or not given a chance (read more of her arguments about fan bases here: Treatise on Twilight Fans). Lost is one of them. People come out saying that the show will not give their fans what they want and the writers have no idea what they are doing. Some of these critics have yet to watch a single episode, but still give their opinions. I say screw all the haters. Maybe if you actually watched the show, you could have some basis to your argument. In the end, some things are best left to the imagination. I think Lost will do what is best for Lost. The end will come down what is good for the show and the characters, because that is what it is really about. 

So there is my rant. Anybody reading this, you now know  how to push my buttons! I did get a little giddy watching the preview for next week. Richard Alpert is one of my favorite characters and I am looking forward to this episode. So see you next week, let the back lash begin!


Lost: Dr. Linus

Dr. Linus

It is hard to say this, but poor Ben Linus. All he wants is to be accepted and liked. He wants people to respect him and not judge him for the things he has done. “Dr. Linus” showed us that no matter what bad thing that Ben does, deep down he wants to be good. He wants people to accept him and he wants to choose the right side. This episode was fantastic. It brought everything and almost everyone together. Now we have our sides and it is time for the ultimate showdown of good and evil.

It was very interesting to get a glimpse of sideways Ben. As the title says, in the world with no Oceanic 815 plane crash, Ben is now Dr. Linus a high school history teacher.


He is friends with Leslie Arzt (too funny!), he is taking advice from substitute teacher John Locke, he has a good relationship with his dad and his best student is none other than Alex Rousseau. When Ben tried to blackmail the principal into giving up his job to Ben, you had a slight feeling that no matter what world it is Ben is still manipulative and evil. That all went away when the principal threatened Alex. On the island, Ben still feels guilty about Alex being killed because it was his fault. Ben chose the island and Jacob over Alex. Sideways Ben does not make this mistake and gives up his chance to be somebody for Alex. She is his soft spot.

Ben protects Alex

 The most interesting thing that came out of the sideways world was learning that Ben and his dad have a relationship. They still went to the island and were in the Dharma Initiative, so no matter what they both exist. It was ironic to hear that Roger thought Ben could have done something better with his life if they hadn’t left the island. Is killing a bunch of people a better life? Q. Why did they leave? This has been one of my favorite sideways lives so far. Just the little things, like Ben being friends with Arzt or him taking advice from Locke, made it more interesting. When Arzt came on the screen, the first thing that came to mind was the episode in the first season when the dynamite blew him up. That was a scene that cannot be forgotten, especially when Hurley says “You’ve got a little Arzt on your shoulder” to Jack. Who cannot forget that?

Island Ben is still lost and does not know what side to join. After the temple incident, Ben runs away into the jungle when he comes upon Frank, Sun, Miles and Ilana. He tells them Sayid killed Dogen and Lennon and that the smoke monster killed everyone else inside the temple. Ilana is suspicious of him when he says that the smoke monster also killed Jacob. She knows that Miles can communicate with the dead so she gives him the bag of Jacob’s ashes and asks him to figure out who killed Jacob. He realizes that it was Ben and Ilana is not happy.

Miles figures out the truth

Ben denies it, but Ilana does not believe him. She tells Ben that Jacob was the closest thing she had to a father. They all decide it is best to back to the beach. Tidbit: Frank tells Ben he was suppose to pilot Oceanic 815, but he overslept and Ben pointed out to him that the island got him in the end anyways. When they get to the beach, Ben tries to convince Ilana that he is innocent and follows her around, but she is not convinced. While Ilana is gathering supplies, Sun comes to tell her that she needs to find Jin and Ilana tells Sun she does too. She is there to protect them both since one of them is a candidate to replace Jacob. Sun asks her what she means. Ilana tells Sun there are only six candidates left and whoever is chosen will take Jacob’s place. Q. Who are the six? Ilana is still not happy with Ben so she ties him to a tree and makes him dig his own grave. She wants to kill him for killing Jacob. As Ben is digging he tries to bribe Miles with money to let him go and Miles says no (nice shout out to Nikki and Paolo, the most hated LOST characters).

Miles doesn't accept Ben's offer.

After Miles leaves, Ben hears the smoke monster and Fake Locke pops out of the jungle (it seems he likes to do this). Fake Locke knows Ben can’t resist power so he offers him the position of leader of the island and sets him free from the leg chain. Fake Locke tells Ben that he is gathering people to leave the island and to meet him at the Hydra station. Q. Where does the Man in Black want to go and what is his real purpose on the island? Ben runs from Ilana, but she catches up to him. He tells her about his guilt for Alex, that he is sorry for killing Jacob and just wants to leave. She asks him why he wants to go with Locke and he explains that “because he is the only one who will have me.” She says back to him “I will have you.” Ben makes the right choice and goes back to the beach.

Even though Ben has done a lot of terrible things, it is hard not to feel sorry for him. He just wants redemption and finally someone has given it to him. Ilana accepts his apology and takes him in. The best part of the night though goes to Hurley, Jack and Richard. It was good to see other people in this episode and to know where everybody is at. Q. But where is Sawyer and Jin? How sad was it that Richard felt like he had no purpose anymore and wanted to die? Richard cannot die! His story needs to be told. Jack, being the hero that he is, convinced Richard that Jacob didn’t want him to die and he lit the dynamite fuse while still in the room to prove it (also nice shout out to Arzt from Hurley and the season one dynamite scene). Just the conversation between Jack and Richard makes it seem like Jack is going to be the chosen one.

Jack wants answers

Jack realized after going to the lighthouse that Jacob has a purpose for him and he is trying to figure out what that is. It is crazy how Jack believes in fate and destiny now. He has transformed into this other person and just lighting the dynamite to see if he has a purpose shows that. He had a feeling that Jacob wouldn’t let him or Richard die and the scientific Jack would have never done that experiment. We got a little bit if information out of Richard. He apparently cannot age due to being touched by Jacob and he might have come from the Black Rock since he had said he had seen it before. Q. If everybody else was touched by Jacob, can they not die? If so, why did Locke die? There has to be more to Richard’s story and it will be exciting to see it in the March 23 episode.

Reunited and it feels so good.

Jack, Hurley and Richard return to the beach to find the gang. They are reunited and it looks as if we have the good people side. I loved how it mirrored the episode from season 3 called ”One Of Us,” when Jack, Kate, and Sayid returned from the camp of the Others and they brought Juliet with them. The music was the same and so was the slow motion reunion. It was perfect. 

He's back!

This wasn’t the end though and as Liz Lemon would say…. “TWIST!” Of course there was one, who wasn’t waiting for it? And it was none other than Charles Widmore in a submarine coming to the island. Q. Is Charles Widmore on Jacob’s side or the Man In Black? Overall, best episode so far. Yes, we need answers, but it felt as though the episode didn’t need to give any. It was good the way it was.


Movies to See 2010

After watching Alice and Wonderland and the Oscars over the weekend, it got me thinking about the movies that I would like to see this year. I always like to make a list with the release dates so I know which ones that I don’t want to miss. Of course I have my chick flicks in the mix, but there seems to be a fair amount of genres to go around. There will be many movies released throughout the year, but here you will find the release dates of what looks to be theatre worthy, the maybe’s and the ones that are must see.  


March 12, 2010 Remember Me – I know this is a Robert Pattinson movie. I would like to see what he can do outside of Twilight.    

March 26, 2010 Hot Tub Time Machine – Looks pretty funny. I like John Cusack and Craig Robinson.    

April 02, 2010 Clash of the Titans – Looks decent. Has a good cast with Liam Neeson, Sam Worthington and Ralph Fiennes. Haven’t decided whether to watch it in 3D or not.    

April 09, 2010 Date Night – I have been waiting for Steve Carrell and Tina Fey to be in a movie together. I hate to say it, but there are a lot of comedy high hopes for this one.    

April 22, 2010 Oceans – This seems more exciting than Earth.    

May 14, 2010 Robin Hood – Can’t go wrong with Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe.    

May 28, 2010 Sex and the City 2 – Devoted fan, will not miss this.    

June 11, 2010 The A-Team – Another tv show to the big screen. Looks like it will be fun.   

July 16, 2010 Inception – Really like Christopher Nolan and Leonardo DiCaprio. Not sure what the plot is, but it looks intriguing.    

August 13, 2010 Eat, Pray, Love – Loved the book, very interested to see how they will bring it to the big screen.    

September 10, 2010 The Town – A thriller directed by Ben Affleck. Gone Baby Gone was good so this might have some promise.  Stars Affleck, Jon Hamm, Chris Cooper and Jeremy Renner. 

November 24, 2010 Red Dawn – Probably will check out the remake. 

December 10, 2010 Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader – Have liked the Narnia movies so far. 

December 17, 2010 Tron: Legacy – Saw a preview for this the other day and it looks like it needs to be watched in 3D. 


My maybe’s: The Bounty Hunter, Death at a Funeral, Shrek Ever After, Repo Men, Jonah Hex.    

On My Must See List (so far): These are the can’t miss.    

Iron Man 2


Iron Man 2: I love Robert Downey Jr., I could watch him in anything. I really think his casting as Iron Man was perfect and the first film was great. This time I wish they hadn’t replaced Terrance Howard (I think it is stupid to replace someone for a sequel), but I like the addition of Scarlett Johansson, Mickey Rourke and Sam Rockwell. May 7, 2010  




Toy Story 3: Toy Story I and II are some of the best Disney/Pixar movies. Really looking forward to seeing where they take the story. Glad they got all of the original people to voice the characters again. June 18, 2010  

They're back!



Twilight Saga continues




Eclipse: Yes, the Twilight Saga. Only because Eclipse is the one with all the action. Should be more exciting than the first two. June 30, 2010 




Deathly Hallows


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I:  After watching The Half Blood Prince again, I realized how disappointed I was in that film. It is hard for a movie to live up to an extraordinary book. The first and second films really captured the magic of the books. The third seemed like it was getting better. The fourth was a complete letdown and felt rushed. The fifth was getting back on track. Then the sixth was also rushed and some of the storyline was cut.  It is hard being such a big fan of the books because the expectations are so high. From the photos that are out on the web and what the director has been saying in the press, there seems to be little room for disappointment this time around. I really look forward to the last leg of the journey on screen.  November 19, 2010  

Of course there are always movies that pop up out of nowhere later in the year, but this is a start. Have I missed any or are there ones that need to be on the must-see list? 


Lost: “Sundown”

I love LOST, so I am trying not to be pessimistic about Season 6, but so far it is hard not to be especially with only ten more episodes to go before the series finale. I am trying to have faith that all of this nonsense is building up to something great; hopefully it will happen sooner rather than later. 

Sayid and Nadia

Last night’s “Sundown” was focused on Sayid and his sideways story line. If the plane would have never crashed Sayid would have landed in Los Angeles to visit his brother and his sister-in-law, Nadia (aka the love of Sayid’s life). I think that no matter what, Sayid is always going to be a damaged soul. He was still in the Republican Guard and still tortured people and still feels guilty about it. Nadia seems like she is doing okay married to Sayid’s brother and has two kids, even though she is still in love with Sayid. When she sits down with Sayid, she asks him why he pushed her away onto his brother. It was a little heartbreaking when he told Nadia he didn’t deserve her because of all the bad things that he had done. No matter what life it is, it seems as though Sayid will never be with Nadia. In the meantime, Sayid’s brother Omar is having trouble with money and he asks Sayid for his help. Sayid says no and Omar is beaten up by the people that he owes. (Notice when at the hospital Sayid passes by Jack?) Some men come to Sayid and take him to the man his brother owes money to. It is none other than Martin Keamy, aka the scary mercenary guy who killed Ben’s daughter and blew up the freighter. Sayid doesn’t want to take any crap so he ends up killing Keamy and his men. As he leaves the scene he randomly finds Jin locked in a freezer, most likely being put there by Keamy and his men. 

Sayid finds Jin, who can't speak English.

Q. When will we see sideways Jin and Sun? 

So sideways Sayid still feels guilty, still loves Nadia and still has a thing for killing people.   

When we come back to island Sayid, he still has no idea what is wrong with him and tries to get answers out of Dogen, who would like Sayid to leave the Temple and thinks that Sayid is evil. Fake Locke is outside of the temple and wants to get in. He can’t due to the protection of the ash, so he sends Claire in to give Dogen a message. He promises her that she will get her baby back if she helps him. Claire tells Dogen that “he is here and wants to talk” (he meaning Fake Locke). Dogen does not want to leave the temple thinking he will be killed so he convinces Sayid to go to the man and kill him. Dogen gives Sayid his dagger and sends him off to the jungle.  

Dogen gives Sayid his dagger.

Sayid runs into Kate and she asks what is going on. He sends her to the temple to talk to Miles. As Sayid is standing out in the jungle, he starts to hear the smoke monster and Locke pops out of the trees. Sayid stabs him, but it Locke pulls the knife out and is fine. Q. Why doesn’t he die? Locke does not kill Sayid, but instead offers him a proposition. Q. Does Locke offer for him to be able to see Nadia again?  


Sayid takes the bait and goes back to the temple to tell everyone that they need to join Fake Locke by sundown or they will die. Lennon tells everyone that they are safe, but they don’t believe him and start to flee. Kate finally finds Claire in the temple, but Claire tells her that “he is coming and there is nothing they can do to stop him.” Miles finds Sayid and asks him what they should do. Sayid tells him he has to return Dogen’s dagger first. Sayid finds Dogen and Dogen tells him that the reason he came to the island was that he caused a car accident that killed his son, but Jacob came to him and told him he would save his son if he came to the island. He asks Sayid if Fake Locke offered him a similar bargain and he asks if he is going to leave the temple.  Sayid tells him no, then goes crazy and kills Dogen. 

Dogen tells Sayid about his past.

Q. Did Locke tell Sayid to kill Dogen? For what price?  Lennon finds Sayid and sees that Dogen is dead. He tells Sayid that Dogen was the only one who could keep the Man in Black out of the temple. Sayid kills Lennon and leaves the temple. Now that Dogen is dead, the smoke monster makes his way through the temple killing everyone. Kate grabs Claire. Miles is joined by Llana, Sun, Ben and Lapidus, who came out of nowhere.   

Lapidus, Sun and Llana come to the temple.

Q. Why are they at the temple? How did they know what was going to happen?  

On the way out, Miles asks Sun where Jin is, but she is shocked to hear he had been there. 

Q. What happened to Jin after Fake Locke came to Claire’s camp? 

Llana finds the passage that Jack and Hurley left the temple from and they make their way out. The Smoke Monster turns back into Fake Locke and leaves the temple with people following him back to the jungle. 

Locke aka Man in Black

Claire and Sayid are right behind him, with Kate reluctantly following. And then L O S T. 

So what did “Sundown” teach us? NOTHING. I was thinking that last week I didn’t really include any of the theories that I had, but I can honestly say I don’t have any right now. The only thing that seems to be clear is that the Man in Black wants to destroy the island. He wants to destroy everything that Jacob accomplished. He wants to destroy everything that is good. Sayid couldn’t kill him, so who can? This is where I think that Jacob’s candidates will come into play. After watching “Lighthouse” last week, I think Jack is going to play a huge part. 

Where are we headed?

It seems like the conflict is moving forward though. There was a reason that Jacob told Hurley not to go back to the temple. Q. Why is Hurley so important? Because he can see Jacob and is his messenger? They actually moved things along by showing why Jacob didn’t want Hurley going back with the reason being that the smoke monster was coming to destroy the temple. Fake Locke finally figured out the way to get in and that was through Sayid. Q. Why are Claire and Sayid on his side? Because he made promises to give them what they want? What is really wrong with Claire and Sayid? Kate is just along for the ride because she wants to protect Claire and get her home to Aaron, but she also has no idea who Locke really is. So Kate is putting herself in danger without even knowing it. So now we have the good side: Miles, Llana, Sun, Lapidus, Ben (never know whose side he is on though), Hurley and Jack. Then there is the evil side: Locke, Claire, new recruit Sayid and possibly Sawyer. MIA tonight was Jack, Hurley, Jin and Sawyer. We have yet to see the new lives of Jin, Sun and Sawyer. We have yet to see Penny and Desmond.  We have yet to see a lot of people! So I give Sundown a B. I did like the beginning where Sayid and Dogen kicked the crap out of each other. Also I liked that the island conflict is finally moving forward with the Man in Black finally making his move. It is time for the big confrontation between Jack and Fake Locke, since they have yet to see each other. It is time for Sun and Jin to find one another. It is time to move out of the temple and go back to the jungle. It is time for answers! See you next week Losties.

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My Oscar Picks

The big event is only six days away and I think I am more excited about it then I was last year. I try to watch as many Oscar movies as possible and I was pretty proud of myself with how many I got to see. It has been a pretty good year for movies. Out of everything I saw, Up was definitely my favorite. There are a lot of good movies and actors competing against each other this year and for months it has been a tight race. There hasn’t been an Oscars like this in a while. Here are my choices for the major categories.


Best Motion Picture of the Year: 

Avatar (2009)

The Blind Side (2009)

District 9 (2009)

 An Education (2009)

The Hurt Locker (2008)

Iglorious Basterds (2009)

Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire (2009)

A Serious Man (2009)

Up (2009)

Up in the Air (2009/I)

My choice:

The Hurt Locker. I do not want Avatar to win. Yes the effects were good, but the story has been done before. The Hurt Locker had a good story and it is real. It recognizes the people who are normally invisible, in this case the men who risk their lives everyday being in charge of the EOD squad in Iraq. It is suspenseful and emotional and it makes you think. It also has some good acting in it by Jeremy Renner. I usually don’t like to watch war movies, but this one was worth it. 


Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role 

Jeff Bridges for Crazy Heart (2009)

George Clooney for Up in the Air (2009/I)

Colin Firth for A Single Man (2009)

Morgan Freeman for Invictus (2009)

Jeremy Renner for The Hurt Locker (2008)

My choice:

Jeff Bridges, hands down. I loved this movie. When I walked out of the theatre I thought “why is this not nominated for Best Picture?” Jeremy Renner and George Clooney did a good job too and I have not seen the others, but I don’t have too. Jeff Bridges played his character so well and his singing was great.


 Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role 

Sandra Bullock for The Blind Side (2009)

Helen Mirren for The Last Station (2009)

Carey Mulligan for An Education (2009)

Gabourey Sidibe for Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire (2009)

Meryl Streep for Julie & Julia (2009)

My choice:

Sandra Bullock.  It has come down to Sandra and Meryl. I really liked Meryl Streep in Julie and Julia, but Sandra Bullock did a really good job as Leigh Anne Tuohy. I do not agree that the Blindside is best picture material, but I do agree that Sandra Bullock is best actress material.

Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role 

Matt Damon for Invictus (2009)

Woody Harrelson for The Messenger (2009/I)

Christopher Plummer for The Last Station (2009)

Stanley Tucci for The Lovely Bones (2009)

Christoph Waltz for Inglourious Basterds (2009)

My choice:

Christoph Waltz. Great movie, great character. His character of Colonel Hans Landa is someone who you love to hate and he did such a good job of keeping it that way the whole movie.



Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role 

Penélope Cruz for Nine (2009)

Vera Farmiga for Up in the Air (2009/I)

Maggie Gyllenhaal for Crazy Heart (2009)

Anna Kendrick for Up in the Air (2009/I)

Mo’Nique for Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire (2009)

My choice:

Anna Kendrick. I know MoNique is going to win, but I loved Anna Kendrick in Up in the Air. She was one of my favorite things about the movie. She plays her naïve character Natalie with the right amount of emotion and conviction. I think she will have a good career outside of Twilight.


 Best Achievement in Directing: 

Kathryn Bigelow for The Hurt Locker (2008)

James Cameron for Avatar (2009)

Lee Daniels for Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire (2009)

Jason Reitman for Up in the Air (2009/I)

Quentin Tarantino for Inglourious Basterds (2009)

My choice:

Kathryn Bigelow. Yes I would like to see a woman win. And also because it was a fantastic movie.





Best Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen

The Hurt Locker (2008)

Inglourious Basterds (2009)

The Messenger (2009/I)

A Serious Man (2009)

Up (2009)

My choice:

Inglorious Basterds. This is a tough race since Hurt Locker and Up are also good movies, but I would like for Tarantino to take this award home.





Best Writing, Screenplay Based on Material Previously Produced or Published 

District 9 (2009)

 An Education (2009)

In the Loop (2009)

Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire (2009)

 Up in the Air (2009/I)

My choice:

Up in the Air. Out of the nominees I only saw Up in the Air and District 9. Up in the Air was a movie that you either hated it or loved it and I loved it so I am going to root for it.




Best Animated Feature Film of the Year

Coraline (2009)

Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009)

The Princess and the Frog (2009)

The Secret of Kells (2009)

Up (2009)

My choice:

UP. LOVED this movie. It won’t win best picture but it should for best animated feature. Just the first ten minutes of the movie shows why.