Lost: “Sundown”

I love LOST, so I am trying not to be pessimistic about Season 6, but so far it is hard not to be especially with only ten more episodes to go before the series finale. I am trying to have faith that all of this nonsense is building up to something great; hopefully it will happen sooner rather than later. 

Sayid and Nadia

Last night’s “Sundown” was focused on Sayid and his sideways story line. If the plane would have never crashed Sayid would have landed in Los Angeles to visit his brother and his sister-in-law, Nadia (aka the love of Sayid’s life). I think that no matter what, Sayid is always going to be a damaged soul. He was still in the Republican Guard and still tortured people and still feels guilty about it. Nadia seems like she is doing okay married to Sayid’s brother and has two kids, even though she is still in love with Sayid. When she sits down with Sayid, she asks him why he pushed her away onto his brother. It was a little heartbreaking when he told Nadia he didn’t deserve her because of all the bad things that he had done. No matter what life it is, it seems as though Sayid will never be with Nadia. In the meantime, Sayid’s brother Omar is having trouble with money and he asks Sayid for his help. Sayid says no and Omar is beaten up by the people that he owes. (Notice when at the hospital Sayid passes by Jack?) Some men come to Sayid and take him to the man his brother owes money to. It is none other than Martin Keamy, aka the scary mercenary guy who killed Ben’s daughter and blew up the freighter. Sayid doesn’t want to take any crap so he ends up killing Keamy and his men. As he leaves the scene he randomly finds Jin locked in a freezer, most likely being put there by Keamy and his men. 

Sayid finds Jin, who can't speak English.

Q. When will we see sideways Jin and Sun? 

So sideways Sayid still feels guilty, still loves Nadia and still has a thing for killing people.   

When we come back to island Sayid, he still has no idea what is wrong with him and tries to get answers out of Dogen, who would like Sayid to leave the Temple and thinks that Sayid is evil. Fake Locke is outside of the temple and wants to get in. He can’t due to the protection of the ash, so he sends Claire in to give Dogen a message. He promises her that she will get her baby back if she helps him. Claire tells Dogen that “he is here and wants to talk” (he meaning Fake Locke). Dogen does not want to leave the temple thinking he will be killed so he convinces Sayid to go to the man and kill him. Dogen gives Sayid his dagger and sends him off to the jungle.  

Dogen gives Sayid his dagger.

Sayid runs into Kate and she asks what is going on. He sends her to the temple to talk to Miles. As Sayid is standing out in the jungle, he starts to hear the smoke monster and Locke pops out of the trees. Sayid stabs him, but it Locke pulls the knife out and is fine. Q. Why doesn’t he die? Locke does not kill Sayid, but instead offers him a proposition. Q. Does Locke offer for him to be able to see Nadia again?  


Sayid takes the bait and goes back to the temple to tell everyone that they need to join Fake Locke by sundown or they will die. Lennon tells everyone that they are safe, but they don’t believe him and start to flee. Kate finally finds Claire in the temple, but Claire tells her that “he is coming and there is nothing they can do to stop him.” Miles finds Sayid and asks him what they should do. Sayid tells him he has to return Dogen’s dagger first. Sayid finds Dogen and Dogen tells him that the reason he came to the island was that he caused a car accident that killed his son, but Jacob came to him and told him he would save his son if he came to the island. He asks Sayid if Fake Locke offered him a similar bargain and he asks if he is going to leave the temple.  Sayid tells him no, then goes crazy and kills Dogen. 

Dogen tells Sayid about his past.

Q. Did Locke tell Sayid to kill Dogen? For what price?  Lennon finds Sayid and sees that Dogen is dead. He tells Sayid that Dogen was the only one who could keep the Man in Black out of the temple. Sayid kills Lennon and leaves the temple. Now that Dogen is dead, the smoke monster makes his way through the temple killing everyone. Kate grabs Claire. Miles is joined by Llana, Sun, Ben and Lapidus, who came out of nowhere.   

Lapidus, Sun and Llana come to the temple.

Q. Why are they at the temple? How did they know what was going to happen?  

On the way out, Miles asks Sun where Jin is, but she is shocked to hear he had been there. 

Q. What happened to Jin after Fake Locke came to Claire’s camp? 

Llana finds the passage that Jack and Hurley left the temple from and they make their way out. The Smoke Monster turns back into Fake Locke and leaves the temple with people following him back to the jungle. 

Locke aka Man in Black

Claire and Sayid are right behind him, with Kate reluctantly following. And then L O S T. 

So what did “Sundown” teach us? NOTHING. I was thinking that last week I didn’t really include any of the theories that I had, but I can honestly say I don’t have any right now. The only thing that seems to be clear is that the Man in Black wants to destroy the island. He wants to destroy everything that Jacob accomplished. He wants to destroy everything that is good. Sayid couldn’t kill him, so who can? This is where I think that Jacob’s candidates will come into play. After watching “Lighthouse” last week, I think Jack is going to play a huge part. 

Where are we headed?

It seems like the conflict is moving forward though. There was a reason that Jacob told Hurley not to go back to the temple. Q. Why is Hurley so important? Because he can see Jacob and is his messenger? They actually moved things along by showing why Jacob didn’t want Hurley going back with the reason being that the smoke monster was coming to destroy the temple. Fake Locke finally figured out the way to get in and that was through Sayid. Q. Why are Claire and Sayid on his side? Because he made promises to give them what they want? What is really wrong with Claire and Sayid? Kate is just along for the ride because she wants to protect Claire and get her home to Aaron, but she also has no idea who Locke really is. So Kate is putting herself in danger without even knowing it. So now we have the good side: Miles, Llana, Sun, Lapidus, Ben (never know whose side he is on though), Hurley and Jack. Then there is the evil side: Locke, Claire, new recruit Sayid and possibly Sawyer. MIA tonight was Jack, Hurley, Jin and Sawyer. We have yet to see the new lives of Jin, Sun and Sawyer. We have yet to see Penny and Desmond.  We have yet to see a lot of people! So I give Sundown a B. I did like the beginning where Sayid and Dogen kicked the crap out of each other. Also I liked that the island conflict is finally moving forward with the Man in Black finally making his move. It is time for the big confrontation between Jack and Fake Locke, since they have yet to see each other. It is time for Sun and Jin to find one another. It is time to move out of the temple and go back to the jungle. It is time for answers! See you next week Losties.



  1. Excellent recap! You ask some pretty relevant questions and hopefully there will be some answers forthcoming.

    I was hoping that next episode would focus on the Kwons, but instead we are getting a full episode devoted to Benjamin Linus. My only hope is that he truly does die this episode. If anyone deserves to be labeled as evil and perish, it is this dude.

    As it stands – I’m pretty pissed about Sayid and Claire turning evil. I really don’t buy into that.

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