Lost: Recon

More of this please

There are two things that I got out of last nights episode. One: Sawyer should always be shirtless. Two: When Lost is over, they need to do a cop buddy spin-off with Sawyer and Miles as the main characters. I have to admit, the episode did nothing for me. Sideways Sawyer was pretty interesting with him being a cop and meeting Charlotte. He has the same past being that his parents still died and Anthony Cooper was involved, except that he decided to go the cop route instead of the criminal route. I liked that him and Miles were partners. It mirrored their experience as Sawyer being head of Dharma security and Miles being his right hand man. They make good partners. I thought for a second that maybe the women he was going to meet for a date was going to be Juliet. Theory: Maybe Juliet is Jack’s ex-wife in sideways world. We still have yet to see her. 

The island Sawyer didn’t really accomplish anything. The only thing he did was trigger a war between Widmore and Fake Locke. Q. Is Widmore there to kill Ben or kill Fake Locke? How does he know about Fake Locke? Sawyer, Kate and Jin all know that Locke isn’t Locke, so why do they follow him? I would totally have the plan that Sawyer has. Let them fight it out and steal the sub. Or he needs to find the rest of the Scooby gang and get Lapidus to fly them out of there. I think I need to watch it over again though because I missed the exchange of Sawyer and Jin in the beginning of the episode. Jin hadn’t been seen for a couple of episodes and apparently he was still hanging out in Claire’s camp and Sawyer found him.  

It was fun to watch crazy Claire attack Kate with Sayid watching. Locke was the one that needed to step in and shake some sense into Claire. Q. Why does Fake Locke have such a hold on her and Sayid? I half expected Claire to stab Kate in the back when she hugged her later. I don’t buy into the “I’m sorry”, crying bit though. 

Not sure about this

Claire wants Aaron and will probably do anything to get him back. I also don’t buy into the fact that all Fake Locke wants to do is get off the island. Where is he going to go and what is he going to do? Wreak smoke monster havoc on Los Angeles or somewhere else? Other than Sawyer making plans of his own, nothing really happened this week. “Recon” did not have the same goodness that “Dr. Linus” had last week (although some might argue with me on this). I honestly could have gone without watching the parts on the island and watched a whole hour of sideways Sawyer instead.  

I may sound cynical now, but my Examiner article this week, Fans need to have faith in Lost, is about staying with the show. I do believe there is a purpose to everything and this is why I tune in every week. I have become invested in these characters and the story. I have become a defender of the show. A friend and I had a discussion last night about how some fan bases are constantly criticized or not given a chance (read more of her arguments about fan bases here: Treatise on Twilight Fans). Lost is one of them. People come out saying that the show will not give their fans what they want and the writers have no idea what they are doing. Some of these critics have yet to watch a single episode, but still give their opinions. I say screw all the haters. Maybe if you actually watched the show, you could have some basis to your argument. In the end, some things are best left to the imagination. I think Lost will do what is best for Lost. The end will come down what is good for the show and the characters, because that is what it is really about. 

So there is my rant. Anybody reading this, you now know  how to push my buttons! I did get a little giddy watching the preview for next week. Richard Alpert is one of my favorite characters and I am looking forward to this episode. So see you next week, let the back lash begin!


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  1. Of course you’ll get no backlash from me – I was right there with you. This episode didn’t accomplish much except to further cement that Sayid is a bad dude, the possible redemption of Claire and reiterate how badly Sawyer wants to get off the Island.

    I’ve theorized for awhile that the Island is symbolic of the Universe, and that Jacob represents Heaven/The Holy Trinity and the Smoke Monster/Fake Locke represent Hell/The Devil. While the devil can’t really escape from hell – that is his one desire. Jacob can move back and forth between the Island and “touches” the lives of people on earth.

    So, of course Locke wants off the Island now that he has a body to inhabit and the means to carry it out. He will destroy the Island and unleash himself upon earth. That thought is scary – I mean, the dude turns into a smoke monster!

    Is that totally whacked or what? Hah. It’s a theory, anyways.

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