Lost: The Package

I have really been looking forward to the sideways story of Sun and Jin, but their story kind of just filled the holes that were from previous episodes. It was still good though and had interesting twists.    

Jin is checked by customs

 Last time we saw Jin and Sun in the “sideways world” Jin was being taken to customs and there was a scene of him being found in a freezer by Sayid. Now we have the what happened in between those moments. Quick recap: Jin was released by customs without the money, Keamy came to claim his money and watch at Sun’s hotel room, Mikhail (Russian guy with one eye) resurfaced as Keamy’s translator, Mikhail took Sun to the bank to get their money back but Sun’s dad took her all of her money, Jin was brought to the restaurant and was tied up, Sayid came and shot everyone, he found Jin and gave him a box cutter and then Jin freed himself from the freezer. 

Mikhail is still a bad guy

I like how all of these past characters show up randomly, like Mikhail. And he had both eyes, but then was shot in the eye by Jin! So he loses the eye no matter what.  It is interesting that all of these characters have an other life trait or something  happens to them that happened in the other world. Does that make sense? Like Jack’s appendix scar and not being able to remember how it happened. Or Sayid never being able to be with Nadia. Or Sawyer and Miles being partners. There are also moments like they don’t recognize themselves or they seem like they are remembering something. Jack and Sun have had moments where they have looked in the mirror and it seems they are having a flashback or something. Also when Kate had a sign of recognition when she saw Jack at the airport. It just seems that both of the worlds intersect some how.   

Sun is injured

Okay, back to recap! Sun and Mikhail come back to the restaurant to find that everyone had been attacked. Jin threatens Mikhail with a gun and Sun ends up getting shot while the Jin/Mikhail fight happens. And that’s it, we don’t know whether she lived or not. Poor Sun and on top of it she was pregnant. Interesting bit about Jin and Sun’s other life, they are not married, but he still works for her father and she still has the idea to run from her father. I wonder who he was suppose to deliver the watch to in Los Angeles in the first place in season one.   

It was nice to see everybody on the island this time and not just focusing on one group of people. Probably because the episode was about Sun and Jin and they have been in two different places on the island for what seems like forever! Each  of them had their own bit of drama. Jin tried to leave fake Locke’s camp, but was kidnapped by Charles Widmore. Apparently Widmore needs Jin for something Dharma related and since Jin was in the Dharma Initiative he knows something. To me it wasn’t really clear why Widmore needed Jin, other than to tell him a few things.    

Locke goes to find Widmore

 Fake Locke comes back to camp and finds everyone unconscious. He takes Sayid and they make their way to Widmore’s camp where Widmore tells fake Locke he doesn’t have Jin. Locke tells him that war is coming now and leaves. When he gets back to camp he tells Sawyer that Widmore denied having Jin. Sawyer notices that Sayid didn’t come back with him and fake Locke hints that Sayid stayed to find out what was in the locked cabinet that Sawyer saw on the submarine. He tells Sawyer that he doesn’t like secrets.    

Sun encounters troubles of her own back at the good guys camp. She encounters fake Locke in her garden and he tries to get her to go with him promising her that he found Jin. She runs from him, ends up hitting her head and losing the ability to speak English. She is found unconscious by Ben and tries to tell him that Locke was there. Richard comes back to the camp and tells everyone they need to destroy the plane in order to keep fake Locke from leaving the island (I believe none of this group knows that Charles Widmore is on the island). Sun freaks out because all she wants to do is find Jin and leave the island, but no one can understand her since all she can speak is Korean. Jack tells everyone that the bump on her head probably is the reason she can’t remember English.   

Jack and Sun have a heart to heart

Jack finds her later and has her write out what happened. She tells him that fake Locke promised Jin, but she doesn’t trust fake Locke enough to go with him. Jack asks her if she trusts him and she nods yes. Jack promises her that he will get all of them off of the island.   

Back at Hydra Island, Widmore tells Jin that he came to stop fake Locke from leaving the island and gives Jin a camera of Sun’s, that he found on the Ajira flight, with pictures of his daughter on it. Widmore tells Jin if fake Locke isn’t stopped the Kwon’s reunion would be short-lived. Jin asks him how is going to do that and Widmore tells him it is time to see the package. The package is Desmond and Sayid watches from the water as they take him from the sub to Widmore. Yay for Desmond finally coming back, but how will he help Widmore? So the plot wasn’t really advanced, just everyone making their own plans! Widmore has Desmond, Richard wants to blow up the plane, Jack goes back to hero mode and Jin and Sun are no closer to finding one another. 

Desmond is the "package"

All of my questions for this episode are about Desmond! There is so much about him that we don’t know yet, like what happened to him after the castaways were at the church last season. Did Widmore find him and kidnap him? Where is Penny and little Charlie? Is Desmond destined to kill the Man in Black? Daniel Faraday told him he was special and the rules didn’t apply to him, so obviously he is important and now Widmore has brought Desmond back to the island to help defeat Smokey. BUT WHY??!! So many Desmond questions, but next week is suppose to be a Desmond-centric episode. Something to look forward to! Theories or comments? Leave them for me!


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