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Lost: The Last Recruit

Tonight was kind of another filler episode, but I do love an everyone episode, where every character is shown and there is a lot of interaction. Last week had that and this week had it too. I hope they keep going with this, although it was a little hard to keep up with the going back and forth. Once again, everyone is coming together, on the island and the sideways world. Since a lot happened, we will discuss one at a time. 

Jack and Fake Locke come face to face


ISLAND: Fake Locke and Jack finally came face to face and we learned a few things. Jack finally asked the questions that Lost fans have been asking for a while now and a long time theory of mine was proved. He asked Fake Locke if when he kept seeing his dad, if that was him instead. Fake Locke told him yes and told him that the person needs be dead to take on their form. He also told Jack that he chose John Locke because Jack brought his body back. While they are chatting Claire comes along and Jack sees her for the first time since they left. Claire tells Jack that she knows she is his sister and she knows that she wasn’t really seeing her father, because it was the smoke monster. Jack tells Claire he is not going with her and she tells him that he has no choice and since he talked to Fake Locke, he is on his side now. They go back to the camp where Sawyer starts to make a plan to get away from Fake Locke and lets Hurley in on the secret. Sawyer decides that Claire and Sayid will be left behind, probably since they are both CRAZY. 

Widmore’s secretary comes along to the camp to tell Fake Locke that they want back what he took (Desmond?) and a bomb is exploded near the camp to show that Widmore is not bluffing. After she leaves, Fake Locke decides that it is time to go to the plane and get off the island. Sawyer tells Jack he has no intention of meeting Fake Locke and that he made a deal with Widmore. They make plans to meet elsewhere away from the other group. 

Desmond wants to know what Sayid will gain by killing him


As everyone goes to leave, Fake Locke tells Sayid to go and kill Desmond. Sayid goes to do what he is told. When he gets there, Desmond asks Sayid what he gets in return for killing him. Sayid tells him Nadia and Desmond asks him what he will tell her when she asks him what he did to get her back. Sawyer and Kate go to the boat that is waiting and the other group is on the move too. Claire tells Jack that she trusts Locke because he was the only one that didn’t leave her behind. As Locke goes to see where Sayid is, Jack takes Hurley, Sun and Frank to meet Sawyer, while Claire looks on. Locke finds Sayid and he tells him that Desmond is dead. Q. Is Desmond really dead? Or did Sayid lave him alive? I am going to choose alive and he either left Desmond in the well or helped him out of it. The Oceanic people all get on the boat, but Claire tries to stop them. Kate promises Claire that she will take her back to Aaron and she joins the group. 

Jack jumps from the boat


Sawyer’s plan is to get them to Hydra island and get on the submarine. Jack tells Sawyer that he feels they have to stay, that they have a purpose. When Sawyer tells him to leave the boat because he doesn’t want that crazy talk anymore, Jack jumps into the water. Kate freaks out, tells him they have to get Jack and Sawyer tells her that he is done going back. Jack gets back to the beach and encounters Fake Locke. The others get back to Hydra island and Widmore’s people are waiting for them. JIN AND SUN ARE FINALLY REUNITED!!!!! What an amazing moment!! It has been too long that these two have been apart. A whole season I believe. And don’t tell me that you didn’t shed a tear when they hugged and when Sun got her english back. 

Jack gets blown away!


Widmore’s secretary radios him and after she is done she tells Sawyer that there is no deal now and they send missiles (?) to the other island. Jack is injured by an explosion and Locke takes him to safety. Locke tells him that he is now on his side. I did freak out when Jack got thrown up in the air, but I had to include a picture of it because it is kind of funny. But not funny because they can’t kill Jack! He is my LOST hero. 

Sun recognizes Locke


SIDEWAYS WORLD: We start with an ambulance ride with both Sun (gunshot wound) and Locke (hit by Desmond’s car) on their way to the hospital. As Sun is wheeled past Locke at the hospital, she sees him and starts freaking out saying in Korean “its him, its him.” Sawyer has Kate at the police station and notes how they keep running into each other. Q. Are they meant to be together, will they remember? Miles comes along and tells Sawyer about a shooting at a restaurant owned by a man named Keamy. They get surveillance video with Sayid coming out of the restaurants doors. 

Desmond finds Claire

Elsewhere, Claire is visiting the adoption agency and runs into Desmond. He tells her that he knows a lawyer that can help her and she is in the same building. He takes her to the lawyer and it is Ilana. She tells Claire that she has been looking for her. 

Sayid goes back to Nadia and tells her that everything is going to be okay for her. Miles shows up at Nadia’s house. She stalls so Sayid can get away, but Sawyer is waiting for him in the back yard and arrests him. 

Jack and his son come to Ilana’s office to hear his father’s will. This is why Ilana is looking for Claire. Jack and Claire are introduced. Q. Did Desmond know they were siblings and bring them together? Claire admits that she is Christian’s daughter and Jack is shocked. He has an emergency at his job and needs to leave. At the hospital, everything is fine with Sun and their baby. Also in the hospital is Jack going to surgery. David asks him about Claire and he tells his son that he had no idea that he had a sister. They seem to have a better relationship now than they did when David was first introduced. Jack goes to the operating room and it is Locke that is in surgery. Jack hesitates and says that he thinks he knows the man. 

Jack is the "last recruit"


Why do I have a feeling that they are going to cram everything into the two-hour finale? This episode felt like a continuance of last week. I am glad they answered a few things and the sideways world keeps getting more and more interesting. I could honestly watch that for a whole hour because it is so intriguing. How does Desmond know everything? Why do people recognize Locke? Desmond definitely knows more than they are showing because he took Claire to the same place that Jack was going. There is so much that we need to know. I am getting too anxious for this finale! The story is coming along, but more needs to happen. Till next week, any thoughts on the episode? 


Lost: Everybody Loves Hugo

I don’t know about anybody else, but I had a lot of jaw dropping moments last night. There was a lot of frustration in the beginning of the season, but now LOST is getting better by the week. There aren’t really answers, but the story telling has been really compelling. I had so many thoughts about last night, my brain is still processing everything, so let’s get to it.  

Everybody loves Hugo


“Everybody Loves Hugo” was fantastic. I loved both the island happenings and the sideways happenings. It was great to see Hurley’s story, especially since it has Libby. So sideways Hurley is rich and owns a bunch of Mr. Clucks restaurants. That isn’t good enough for his mom and she tells him that he needs a good woman to complete his life. She has set him up with a lunch date with the neighbor’s daughter and he reluctantly goes. Hurley is stood up at lunch, but another woman gets his attention and it is Libby. She rattles on about knowing Hurley and he has a hard time believing her because he has no idea who she is. A Dr. Brooks comes along to take Libby away. Hurley follows her out and watches her get into a mental hospital van. Hurley is feeling sorry for himself and goes to Mr. Clucks to eat A LOT of chicken. While there, he runs into Desmond. No coincidence since last week sideways Desmond decided he needed the flight manifesto to “show” everyone something. Q. How did he know which passengers to look for? So Hurley tells Desmond his story about Libby and Desmond asks him if he believed her when she said she knew him. Hurley replies yes and decides to go visit Libby.  

A kiss triggers his memory


 At the mental hospital she tells him his whole story about having visions of being on an island with Hurley. He doesn’t know what to think, but he asks her to spend the day with him anyways and they go to the beach to have a picnic. Hurley asks her why she agreed to go with him and she tells him that she likes him. She kisses him. As they kiss Hurley starts to have visions of them kissing before. He tells her that now he believes her. Desmond watches them from a car.  

Michael comes to talk to Hurley


On the island, Hurley is at Libby’s grave when Ilana comes to tell him their plan about blowing the plane up. When she leaves Hurley starts to hear whispers and Michael comes out of the jungle. He tells Hurley that they shouldn’t blow the plane up because it will kill people. Hurley goes back to the camp as Ilana comes back from the Black Rock with the dynamite. He tells her it is a bad idea and the dynamite is unstable. She rambles on how it is the only thing to stop Fake Locke from leaving. She puts her bag down during her rant and BOOM! No more Ilana! Jaw dropper #1! I couldn’t believe that this happened. I had to rewind to see if I was mistaken. I just thought that her story was important because she was Jacob’s messenger and the candidates bodyguard. Maybe Ben was right when he said that the island was done with her since she told them their purpose.  

So the group goes to the Black Rock to get more dynamite, but Hurley was one step ahead of them and blew up the ship. He told them they couldn’t blow the plane up. Richard decides to go to the Dharma barracks to get explosives, but Hurley lies to him and tells him that Jacob wants them to go talk to Locke. Richard knows Hurley is lying so he leaves with Ben and Miles behind him. Jack, Sun and Frank decide to stay with Hurley. Jack tells Hurley he knew he was lying about Jacob, but decided to trust him anyway. While they walk to try to find the other camp, they start to hear whispers. Hurley thinks he knows what it is and finds Michael in the jungle again. Q. In the past the whispers have been the Others, but have they been dead souls trapped on the island all this time? Or is it just to warn Hurley that someone is coming to talk to him? Michael tells him how to get to Fake Locke. The four of them make their way to the camp. Hurley tells Fake Locke that he doesn’t want anybody to get hurt. Jack, Sun and Frank come out of the jungle and Fake Locke greets Jack with a smug look on his face.  

Who is this kid?


It was Hurley’s story throughout the show but I think the Desmond scenes had the most significance. On the island Sayid had tied him up and showed Fake Locke to him. Desmond thinks it is regular John Locke though. He has no idea it is Smoky aka the Man in Black. While walking in the jungle, the blond boy appears again and Fake Locke tells Desmond not to worry about him. They end up at a well where Fake Locke tells Desmond a story about the well and then throws him to the bottom! Jaw dropper #2 of the night! They can not kill one of my favorite characters!  

Locke sees Desmond coming


Sideways Desmond followed Hurley around and in the end he was waiting for John Locke at the school where Locke substitute teaches. Teacher Ben questions Desmond who he has been waiting for and Desmond tells him he was checking out the school for his son. Ben leaves him right as Locke is crossing the street. Desmond revs his engine, goes full speed and runs Locke over. Jaw dropping moment #3! Wheelchair and all. Not a Meet Joe Black moment but it came close to it! Q. Did Desmond run him over because he knows that he was the Man in Black in the other world? Sideways Desmond seems like he knows a lot more now, but how?   

Is Desmond now Jacob?


The episode made me think that Desmond is now Jacob. Why else would Locke throw him into the well?I have a feeling that Desmond will be visiting other people and they will remember too. Just like when Jacob visited the castaways at certain times of their lives. There is a lot more to Sideways Desmond. He is the key and I think this whole episode put the sideways world into a different perspective. I have the theory that the sideways world will be where Kate will pick either Jack or Sawyer by remembering her island time with one of them or both. I am crossing my fingers though that Juliet is going to come back and Sawyer will remember her. Next week looks good. I am now wanting more Sideways world to see other people and what they will remember. I don’t think anything was more creepy though then next week’s preview with the Willy Wonka scary song in the background. If you didn’t catch that and happened to DVR the show, go back and listen. I can’t believe there are only six more episodes. I am really going to miss this show.


Lost: Happily Ever After

Yeah I know, I am a week behind, but I do have two classes, work and the Examiner to write for. And because last weeks episode was so mind-blowing it has taken me this long to think about it. I had to watch Totally Lost today to have Doc Jensen try to explain it to me, but it still didn’t help. I will try to figure out what I got out of the episode.

Desmond is the key

“Happily Ever After” was one of those game changer LOST episodes and it seems as though Desmond Hume is mostly involved in them. “The Constant” from season four is still my favorite episode of the whole show, so far, and that was definitely a game changer/WTF episode. Desmond is hard to explain. When I was doing some research to remember an episode with him in it on Lostpedia I skimmed through the information on him and it is so confusing. From his days as a monk, to being in the Scotland Yard, chasing after Penny, to going to jail, buying Libby’s boat, crashing on the island and calling everyone “brutha”, there is a lot of information to process. The episode “The Constant” kind of showed us that Desmond has the ability to do a little time travelling by himself. He went back and forth between his past and being on the freighter. Of course I love the episode because it was one of the most heartful scenes of the show when Penny answers the phone and Desmond is on the other line. She had been looking for him for three years and he finally freakin’ called! Anyways, the episode was further proof that Desmond is important and this gift he has is not going to be wasted.

The crazy generator
The crazy generator

The last time we saw Desmond was in season five, when he was shot by Ben while trying to protect Penny. The last time we saw Penny was when she was in the hospital waiting to hear about Desmond and Mrs. Hawking came to see her and told her she was sorry about her husband. Now we have Desmond who was kidnapped by Widmore and we assume that Penny is still one the boat with their son Charlie, but all that was said was she was safe. So we have Widmore and his team stationed on Hydra Island with a giant electrical machine. Desmond finds out he is back on the island and he is not happy. He tries to beat Widmore up and Widmore tries to explain himself. Instead of playing nice they put Desmond in the machine, after they remove someone who was just killed by the machine. Widmore tells that if what he heard about Desmond is true then Desmond will be fine. Widmore tells Desmond that once the experiment is over he will ask Desmond to make a sacrifice. Widmore explains that he knows sacrifice because Daniel is dead and Penny hates him. He says everyone will be gone forever if they don’t do what they are supposed to.

Desmond is friends with Widmore

They turn on the machine and POOF! Desmond is now Sideways Desmond. And it is a sad life because there is no Penny! Well, there is a Penny, but Desmond has never met her. Also in this world, Desmond is good friends with Widmore. This is a messed up world for Desmond! Desmond is given a mission by Mr. Widmore to get a bassist for a band for his son that will perform at Mrs. Widmore’s charity event that she is hosting. The bassist had been arrested at the airport while on his way to the event. The band is none other than Drive Shaft and it is Charlie Pace that is the bassist (the first episode of the season he was arrested on the plane for having heroin and he choked on it trying to hide it). So Desmond tries to get Charlie to come to the event and this is where crazy things start happening. Desmond drives them back to the Widmore’s but on the way Charlie crashes the car in some water.

Deja vu!

While Desmond tries to save him he has a vision of Island Charlie writing on his hand that it wasn’t Penny’s boat. Sideways Desmond saves Charlie and they go to the hospital. While having an MRI Desmond starts to have visions of his life with Penny. He freaks out and goes to find Charlie, who he finds trying to escape the hospital. Charlie tells him that no one can help him anymore and that he was not going to perform because “none of this matters”. Q. What is “this”? The sideways world? He tells Desmond that he wasn’t trying to kill him, but he wanted to show him something. Desmond asks to see his hand and when there isn’t anything on it he asks Charlie who Penny is. Charlie realizes that Desmond saw something and he urges him to find Penny. Desmond has no idea who Penny is.

Mrs. Widmore warns Desmond

He goes back to the mansion to tell the Widmores there will be no bassist and he meets Mrs. Widmore. She tells him it is no big deal and that she was glad to finally meet him. Desmond hears the name Penny when he overhears someone talking about the guest list for the party. He asks to see the list, but Mrs. Widmore tells him no. She tells him to stop and that whatever it is that he thinks he is looking for he needs to stop. She tells him he has the perfect life and has attained the thing he wanted more than anything and that is Widmore’s approval. For some reason she tells him it is a violation and that he can’t see the list because he is not ready yet.

Desmond finds Penny

As Desmond leaves he meets Daniel, the Widmore’s son. He tries to explain to Desmond that if something catastrophic was to happen the only thing to stop it would be a huge amount of energy, like a bomb. Daniel questions whether the life they lead was meant to be or if there was another life where they had changed things. Daniel tells Desmond that Penny is half-sister and tells him where to find her. Desmond finds Penny, introduces himself and faints. When he wakes up he asks her out to coffee. When Desmond leaves he decides that he needs the manifest of the Oceanic flight to “show them something”.

Sayid finds Desmond

Back on the island, Widmore pulls Desmond out of the machine and apologizes. Desmond tells him that there is nothing to worry about and that he knows exactly what he needs to do. As Desmond is escorted back to the base, Sayid pops out of the jungle. Sayid tells Desmond to follow him and Desmond agrees.

I think this whole episode I was expecting Walter Bishop to show up somewhere. I did feel like I was watching Fringe because of their “two worlds” concepts. On Fringe, there is a portal to the other world and everything in the normal world exists in the other world. Q. So are these two LOST worlds going to collide at some point or is there a portal between them? Is it Desmond? Fringe is definitely strange, but right now I am finding LOST stranger! So Desmond is the key, but to what. He has now had a glimpse into the sideways world and now thinks he knows how to fix everything. Q. Does Widmore know what Desmond is supposed to do?  The whole conversation with Mrs. Hawking in the sideways world was crazy too. It seems as though she has known all along about these two existing worlds. It was interesting that she told Desmond he had everything he needed and he didn’t need to find what he thought he was looking for. His world was kind of perfect because having Widmore’s approval was on the things that he so desperately wanted. Also, there was Sideways Charlie and Daniel, who seemed to know about the other world too. Both of the them were trying to point Desmond into the right direction. Regarding Widmore, I think Mrs. Hawking is the one that told him about Desmond and his “abilities” in the first place. Who else could have told him? So she definitely knows more than she has said. The whole episode was crazy. It will be interesting to see where it goes from here with Desmond. Only eight more episodes and LOST will be no more!


New path continued…

So far my new start has been pretty interesting. I don’t think I have ever been this busy in a long time. I have two classes at PSU, work full-time, I try to write three articles a week for the Examiner, I am actively looking for a house to rent, I am helping my family and I keep up with my book club. I think I keep myself so busy because it keeps my mind away from things I don’t like to think about. But I do feel like that even though I am doing so much, I am still having a hard time filling the void that I feel I still have. It is hard to let go of things that you were so comfortable with and you were a part of for so long. I am really trying to be more open and honest about things because too many relationships of mine have failed because of it. I know the problems weren’t all my fault, but I some of it was. I am having such a hard time understanding and I wish I didn’t. I have been pretty proud of myself taking on new things. I am really enjoying writing and I love book club. It is nice to be involved in things that I am passionate about.

Besides my current interests, I am trying my hardest to focus more on my future. I started school last week and now it makes me realize why I wanted to get done in the first place. It is so stressful! I have been doing good keeping up, it is just hard going back to giving up my extra time to do homework. I tell myself I am doing this to better myself and have the career I want, but sometimes I feel those aren’t the reasons. In all honesty, I would love to be a travel writer. Dreams are different from reality though. I am hoping I can finish my communication degree in a year and look for a job in journalism. I think when I get closer I will think more about whether I want to work in newspaper or magazine journalism. Even though I feel that I am capable of more than what my job now entails, I need to stay put. This isn’t really an economy to look for a job right now and my retirement fund will grow more if I stay. It is hard to choose between what you want to do and what is best.  

I am going to keep my chin up though and just focus on the important things. I am hoping I can get past all of the negative things that have happened lately. I think looking towards the future will help me. I am moving forward towards the career I want, I have a niece and nephew coming soon and some great vacations to look forward to. It is definitely going to be a busy year.