Lost: Happily Ever After

Yeah I know, I am a week behind, but I do have two classes, work and the Examiner to write for. And because last weeks episode was so mind-blowing it has taken me this long to think about it. I had to watch Totally Lost today to have Doc Jensen try to explain it to me, but it still didn’t help. I will try to figure out what I got out of the episode.

Desmond is the key

“Happily Ever After” was one of those game changer LOST episodes and it seems as though Desmond Hume is mostly involved in them. “The Constant” from season four is still my favorite episode of the whole show, so far, and that was definitely a game changer/WTF episode. Desmond is hard to explain. When I was doing some research to remember an episode with him in it on Lostpedia I skimmed through the information on him and it is so confusing. From his days as a monk, to being in the Scotland Yard, chasing after Penny, to going to jail, buying Libby’s boat, crashing on the island and calling everyone “brutha”, there is a lot of information to process. The episode “The Constant” kind of showed us that Desmond has the ability to do a little time travelling by himself. He went back and forth between his past and being on the freighter. Of course I love the episode because it was one of the most heartful scenes of the show when Penny answers the phone and Desmond is on the other line. She had been looking for him for three years and he finally freakin’ called! Anyways, the episode was further proof that Desmond is important and this gift he has is not going to be wasted.

The crazy generator
The crazy generator

The last time we saw Desmond was in season five, when he was shot by Ben while trying to protect Penny. The last time we saw Penny was when she was in the hospital waiting to hear about Desmond and Mrs. Hawking came to see her and told her she was sorry about her husband. Now we have Desmond who was kidnapped by Widmore and we assume that Penny is still one the boat with their son Charlie, but all that was said was she was safe. So we have Widmore and his team stationed on Hydra Island with a giant electrical machine. Desmond finds out he is back on the island and he is not happy. He tries to beat Widmore up and Widmore tries to explain himself. Instead of playing nice they put Desmond in the machine, after they remove someone who was just killed by the machine. Widmore tells that if what he heard about Desmond is true then Desmond will be fine. Widmore tells Desmond that once the experiment is over he will ask Desmond to make a sacrifice. Widmore explains that he knows sacrifice because Daniel is dead and Penny hates him. He says everyone will be gone forever if they don’t do what they are supposed to.

Desmond is friends with Widmore

They turn on the machine and POOF! Desmond is now Sideways Desmond. And it is a sad life because there is no Penny! Well, there is a Penny, but Desmond has never met her. Also in this world, Desmond is good friends with Widmore. This is a messed up world for Desmond! Desmond is given a mission by Mr. Widmore to get a bassist for a band for his son that will perform at Mrs. Widmore’s charity event that she is hosting. The bassist had been arrested at the airport while on his way to the event. The band is none other than Drive Shaft and it is Charlie Pace that is the bassist (the first episode of the season he was arrested on the plane for having heroin and he choked on it trying to hide it). So Desmond tries to get Charlie to come to the event and this is where crazy things start happening. Desmond drives them back to the Widmore’s but on the way Charlie crashes the car in some water.

Deja vu!

While Desmond tries to save him he has a vision of Island Charlie writing on his hand that it wasn’t Penny’s boat. Sideways Desmond saves Charlie and they go to the hospital. While having an MRI Desmond starts to have visions of his life with Penny. He freaks out and goes to find Charlie, who he finds trying to escape the hospital. Charlie tells him that no one can help him anymore and that he was not going to perform because “none of this matters”. Q. What is “this”? The sideways world? He tells Desmond that he wasn’t trying to kill him, but he wanted to show him something. Desmond asks to see his hand and when there isn’t anything on it he asks Charlie who Penny is. Charlie realizes that Desmond saw something and he urges him to find Penny. Desmond has no idea who Penny is.

Mrs. Widmore warns Desmond

He goes back to the mansion to tell the Widmores there will be no bassist and he meets Mrs. Widmore. She tells him it is no big deal and that she was glad to finally meet him. Desmond hears the name Penny when he overhears someone talking about the guest list for the party. He asks to see the list, but Mrs. Widmore tells him no. She tells him to stop and that whatever it is that he thinks he is looking for he needs to stop. She tells him he has the perfect life and has attained the thing he wanted more than anything and that is Widmore’s approval. For some reason she tells him it is a violation and that he can’t see the list because he is not ready yet.

Desmond finds Penny

As Desmond leaves he meets Daniel, the Widmore’s son. He tries to explain to Desmond that if something catastrophic was to happen the only thing to stop it would be a huge amount of energy, like a bomb. Daniel questions whether the life they lead was meant to be or if there was another life where they had changed things. Daniel tells Desmond that Penny is half-sister and tells him where to find her. Desmond finds Penny, introduces himself and faints. When he wakes up he asks her out to coffee. When Desmond leaves he decides that he needs the manifest of the Oceanic flight to “show them something”.

Sayid finds Desmond

Back on the island, Widmore pulls Desmond out of the machine and apologizes. Desmond tells him that there is nothing to worry about and that he knows exactly what he needs to do. As Desmond is escorted back to the base, Sayid pops out of the jungle. Sayid tells Desmond to follow him and Desmond agrees.

I think this whole episode I was expecting Walter Bishop to show up somewhere. I did feel like I was watching Fringe because of their “two worlds” concepts. On Fringe, there is a portal to the other world and everything in the normal world exists in the other world. Q. So are these two LOST worlds going to collide at some point or is there a portal between them? Is it Desmond? Fringe is definitely strange, but right now I am finding LOST stranger! So Desmond is the key, but to what. He has now had a glimpse into the sideways world and now thinks he knows how to fix everything. Q. Does Widmore know what Desmond is supposed to do?  The whole conversation with Mrs. Hawking in the sideways world was crazy too. It seems as though she has known all along about these two existing worlds. It was interesting that she told Desmond he had everything he needed and he didn’t need to find what he thought he was looking for. His world was kind of perfect because having Widmore’s approval was on the things that he so desperately wanted. Also, there was Sideways Charlie and Daniel, who seemed to know about the other world too. Both of the them were trying to point Desmond into the right direction. Regarding Widmore, I think Mrs. Hawking is the one that told him about Desmond and his “abilities” in the first place. Who else could have told him? So she definitely knows more than she has said. The whole episode was crazy. It will be interesting to see where it goes from here with Desmond. Only eight more episodes and LOST will be no more!



  1. The Constant is my favorite all time episode too! Nothing is more of a tear jerker than when Desmond and Penny are desperately talking before the phone goes dead!

    I love reading your reviews, keep up the good work!

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