Lost: Everybody Loves Hugo

I don’t know about anybody else, but I had a lot of jaw dropping moments last night. There was a lot of frustration in the beginning of the season, but now LOST is getting better by the week. There aren’t really answers, but the story telling has been really compelling. I had so many thoughts about last night, my brain is still processing everything, so let’s get to it.  

Everybody loves Hugo


“Everybody Loves Hugo” was fantastic. I loved both the island happenings and the sideways happenings. It was great to see Hurley’s story, especially since it has Libby. So sideways Hurley is rich and owns a bunch of Mr. Clucks restaurants. That isn’t good enough for his mom and she tells him that he needs a good woman to complete his life. She has set him up with a lunch date with the neighbor’s daughter and he reluctantly goes. Hurley is stood up at lunch, but another woman gets his attention and it is Libby. She rattles on about knowing Hurley and he has a hard time believing her because he has no idea who she is. A Dr. Brooks comes along to take Libby away. Hurley follows her out and watches her get into a mental hospital van. Hurley is feeling sorry for himself and goes to Mr. Clucks to eat A LOT of chicken. While there, he runs into Desmond. No coincidence since last week sideways Desmond decided he needed the flight manifesto to “show” everyone something. Q. How did he know which passengers to look for? So Hurley tells Desmond his story about Libby and Desmond asks him if he believed her when she said she knew him. Hurley replies yes and decides to go visit Libby.  

A kiss triggers his memory


 At the mental hospital she tells him his whole story about having visions of being on an island with Hurley. He doesn’t know what to think, but he asks her to spend the day with him anyways and they go to the beach to have a picnic. Hurley asks her why she agreed to go with him and she tells him that she likes him. She kisses him. As they kiss Hurley starts to have visions of them kissing before. He tells her that now he believes her. Desmond watches them from a car.  

Michael comes to talk to Hurley


On the island, Hurley is at Libby’s grave when Ilana comes to tell him their plan about blowing the plane up. When she leaves Hurley starts to hear whispers and Michael comes out of the jungle. He tells Hurley that they shouldn’t blow the plane up because it will kill people. Hurley goes back to the camp as Ilana comes back from the Black Rock with the dynamite. He tells her it is a bad idea and the dynamite is unstable. She rambles on how it is the only thing to stop Fake Locke from leaving. She puts her bag down during her rant and BOOM! No more Ilana! Jaw dropper #1! I couldn’t believe that this happened. I had to rewind to see if I was mistaken. I just thought that her story was important because she was Jacob’s messenger and the candidates bodyguard. Maybe Ben was right when he said that the island was done with her since she told them their purpose.  

So the group goes to the Black Rock to get more dynamite, but Hurley was one step ahead of them and blew up the ship. He told them they couldn’t blow the plane up. Richard decides to go to the Dharma barracks to get explosives, but Hurley lies to him and tells him that Jacob wants them to go talk to Locke. Richard knows Hurley is lying so he leaves with Ben and Miles behind him. Jack, Sun and Frank decide to stay with Hurley. Jack tells Hurley he knew he was lying about Jacob, but decided to trust him anyway. While they walk to try to find the other camp, they start to hear whispers. Hurley thinks he knows what it is and finds Michael in the jungle again. Q. In the past the whispers have been the Others, but have they been dead souls trapped on the island all this time? Or is it just to warn Hurley that someone is coming to talk to him? Michael tells him how to get to Fake Locke. The four of them make their way to the camp. Hurley tells Fake Locke that he doesn’t want anybody to get hurt. Jack, Sun and Frank come out of the jungle and Fake Locke greets Jack with a smug look on his face.  

Who is this kid?


It was Hurley’s story throughout the show but I think the Desmond scenes had the most significance. On the island Sayid had tied him up and showed Fake Locke to him. Desmond thinks it is regular John Locke though. He has no idea it is Smoky aka the Man in Black. While walking in the jungle, the blond boy appears again and Fake Locke tells Desmond not to worry about him. They end up at a well where Fake Locke tells Desmond a story about the well and then throws him to the bottom! Jaw dropper #2 of the night! They can not kill one of my favorite characters!  

Locke sees Desmond coming


Sideways Desmond followed Hurley around and in the end he was waiting for John Locke at the school where Locke substitute teaches. Teacher Ben questions Desmond who he has been waiting for and Desmond tells him he was checking out the school for his son. Ben leaves him right as Locke is crossing the street. Desmond revs his engine, goes full speed and runs Locke over. Jaw dropping moment #3! Wheelchair and all. Not a Meet Joe Black moment but it came close to it! Q. Did Desmond run him over because he knows that he was the Man in Black in the other world? Sideways Desmond seems like he knows a lot more now, but how?   

Is Desmond now Jacob?


The episode made me think that Desmond is now Jacob. Why else would Locke throw him into the well?I have a feeling that Desmond will be visiting other people and they will remember too. Just like when Jacob visited the castaways at certain times of their lives. There is a lot more to Sideways Desmond. He is the key and I think this whole episode put the sideways world into a different perspective. I have the theory that the sideways world will be where Kate will pick either Jack or Sawyer by remembering her island time with one of them or both. I am crossing my fingers though that Juliet is going to come back and Sawyer will remember her. Next week looks good. I am now wanting more Sideways world to see other people and what they will remember. I don’t think anything was more creepy though then next week’s preview with the Willy Wonka scary song in the background. If you didn’t catch that and happened to DVR the show, go back and listen. I can’t believe there are only six more episodes. I am really going to miss this show.



  1. The preview for next week with the Willy Wonka song was AWESOME! I was just so happy they put that creepy Gene Wilder song in it, it made my night!

  2. Just read this cause I had to wait until tonight to watch the episode. Great recap! I was totally stunned at all those moments as well – cannot believe some of the crap that happened!!

    And the creepy Willy Wonka song give me shivers – seriously. That is one of the more frightening things I’ve witnessed in film.

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