Lost: The Last Recruit

Tonight was kind of another filler episode, but I do love an everyone episode, where every character is shown and there is a lot of interaction. Last week had that and this week had it too. I hope they keep going with this, although it was a little hard to keep up with the going back and forth. Once again, everyone is coming together, on the island and the sideways world. Since a lot happened, we will discuss one at a time. 

Jack and Fake Locke come face to face


ISLAND: Fake Locke and Jack finally came face to face and we learned a few things. Jack finally asked the questions that Lost fans have been asking for a while now and a long time theory of mine was proved. He asked Fake Locke if when he kept seeing his dad, if that was him instead. Fake Locke told him yes and told him that the person needs be dead to take on their form. He also told Jack that he chose John Locke because Jack brought his body back. While they are chatting Claire comes along and Jack sees her for the first time since they left. Claire tells Jack that she knows she is his sister and she knows that she wasn’t really seeing her father, because it was the smoke monster. Jack tells Claire he is not going with her and she tells him that he has no choice and since he talked to Fake Locke, he is on his side now. They go back to the camp where Sawyer starts to make a plan to get away from Fake Locke and lets Hurley in on the secret. Sawyer decides that Claire and Sayid will be left behind, probably since they are both CRAZY. 

Widmore’s secretary comes along to the camp to tell Fake Locke that they want back what he took (Desmond?) and a bomb is exploded near the camp to show that Widmore is not bluffing. After she leaves, Fake Locke decides that it is time to go to the plane and get off the island. Sawyer tells Jack he has no intention of meeting Fake Locke and that he made a deal with Widmore. They make plans to meet elsewhere away from the other group. 

Desmond wants to know what Sayid will gain by killing him


As everyone goes to leave, Fake Locke tells Sayid to go and kill Desmond. Sayid goes to do what he is told. When he gets there, Desmond asks Sayid what he gets in return for killing him. Sayid tells him Nadia and Desmond asks him what he will tell her when she asks him what he did to get her back. Sawyer and Kate go to the boat that is waiting and the other group is on the move too. Claire tells Jack that she trusts Locke because he was the only one that didn’t leave her behind. As Locke goes to see where Sayid is, Jack takes Hurley, Sun and Frank to meet Sawyer, while Claire looks on. Locke finds Sayid and he tells him that Desmond is dead. Q. Is Desmond really dead? Or did Sayid lave him alive? I am going to choose alive and he either left Desmond in the well or helped him out of it. The Oceanic people all get on the boat, but Claire tries to stop them. Kate promises Claire that she will take her back to Aaron and she joins the group. 

Jack jumps from the boat


Sawyer’s plan is to get them to Hydra island and get on the submarine. Jack tells Sawyer that he feels they have to stay, that they have a purpose. When Sawyer tells him to leave the boat because he doesn’t want that crazy talk anymore, Jack jumps into the water. Kate freaks out, tells him they have to get Jack and Sawyer tells her that he is done going back. Jack gets back to the beach and encounters Fake Locke. The others get back to Hydra island and Widmore’s people are waiting for them. JIN AND SUN ARE FINALLY REUNITED!!!!! What an amazing moment!! It has been too long that these two have been apart. A whole season I believe. And don’t tell me that you didn’t shed a tear when they hugged and when Sun got her english back. 

Jack gets blown away!


Widmore’s secretary radios him and after she is done she tells Sawyer that there is no deal now and they send missiles (?) to the other island. Jack is injured by an explosion and Locke takes him to safety. Locke tells him that he is now on his side. I did freak out when Jack got thrown up in the air, but I had to include a picture of it because it is kind of funny. But not funny because they can’t kill Jack! He is my LOST hero. 

Sun recognizes Locke


SIDEWAYS WORLD: We start with an ambulance ride with both Sun (gunshot wound) and Locke (hit by Desmond’s car) on their way to the hospital. As Sun is wheeled past Locke at the hospital, she sees him and starts freaking out saying in Korean “its him, its him.” Sawyer has Kate at the police station and notes how they keep running into each other. Q. Are they meant to be together, will they remember? Miles comes along and tells Sawyer about a shooting at a restaurant owned by a man named Keamy. They get surveillance video with Sayid coming out of the restaurants doors. 

Desmond finds Claire

Elsewhere, Claire is visiting the adoption agency and runs into Desmond. He tells her that he knows a lawyer that can help her and she is in the same building. He takes her to the lawyer and it is Ilana. She tells Claire that she has been looking for her. 

Sayid goes back to Nadia and tells her that everything is going to be okay for her. Miles shows up at Nadia’s house. She stalls so Sayid can get away, but Sawyer is waiting for him in the back yard and arrests him. 

Jack and his son come to Ilana’s office to hear his father’s will. This is why Ilana is looking for Claire. Jack and Claire are introduced. Q. Did Desmond know they were siblings and bring them together? Claire admits that she is Christian’s daughter and Jack is shocked. He has an emergency at his job and needs to leave. At the hospital, everything is fine with Sun and their baby. Also in the hospital is Jack going to surgery. David asks him about Claire and he tells his son that he had no idea that he had a sister. They seem to have a better relationship now than they did when David was first introduced. Jack goes to the operating room and it is Locke that is in surgery. Jack hesitates and says that he thinks he knows the man. 

Jack is the "last recruit"


Why do I have a feeling that they are going to cram everything into the two-hour finale? This episode felt like a continuance of last week. I am glad they answered a few things and the sideways world keeps getting more and more interesting. I could honestly watch that for a whole hour because it is so intriguing. How does Desmond know everything? Why do people recognize Locke? Desmond definitely knows more than they are showing because he took Claire to the same place that Jack was going. There is so much that we need to know. I am getting too anxious for this finale! The story is coming along, but more needs to happen. Till next week, any thoughts on the episode? 


One comment

  1. The only thing I didn’t understand about this episode is when Sun and Jin finally get reunited they speak English. Yes, it proves that her English is back, but they’ve NEVER spoken English before. Jin didn’t even really know English when she left. That really was the only thing that bothered me. And what was Jin doing with Witmore on the sub. Did that ever get explained?

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