Lost: The End

Jack, the series hero

The morning after, I am still processing  everything that happened in “The End.” One thing that I know for sure is, I was completely satisfied how they ended the show. There is a lot of debate out there about what was real and what wasn’t. I think that is the point though, to leave it up to people to interpret what it all meant. My mind is still reeling from all of it so instead of doing a full recap, there will be the significant points to the episode with my final thoughts. Major spoilers, so if you haven’t seen the series finale, stop now. 

Back together again

SIDEWAYS WORLD: Everybody finally came together thanks to Desmond and things started to make sense. They all had a significant moment that helped them get back to their Island selves. Kate was triggered by helping Claire give birth. Charlie seeing Claire helped him remember being together. Juliet and Sawyer touched hands and remembered each other (loved how when they remembered each other they said the words that they did right before she had died). Sun remembered when Juliet gave her the ultrasound. Sayid remembered Shannon, I didn’t see that coming but maybe it was Shannon because Nadia was the love in his life off the island. Boone was in on the plan with Hurley. Locke was back to himself after Jack performed surgery and he was able to walk again. Locke even got an apology from Ben. They all got together at the church where Jack was going to hold his father’s funeral and Jack remembered everything when he touched his fathers coffin. For a second, I thought it was going to be his body in the coffin. He remembered his love for Kate and his time on the island.

Moving on

Christian appeared to him and he realized that he was dead. Christian tells him that he made the place so they all could find each other again. Jack goes into the church and reunites with Kate, Sawyer, Juliet, Locke, Boone, Shannon, Sayid, Hurley, Libby, Rose, Bernard, Claire, Charlie, Sun, Jin, Desmond and Penny. Christian leaves the church and lets in a ray of light that blankets the castaways. 

Jack and Kate reunited

In my head, my theory was that the sideways world was a different life and they would remember each other and live their lives how they should. Which would be, together. I mean, that sort of happened, but it was their heaven. I think that they all waited for each other and Jack couldn’t get through until everybody was gone (like the people who died after leaving the island; Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, Miles, etc.). It reminded me of the ending of Titanic, when older Rose dies in her sleep and her heaven is with Jack and all of the people from the Titanic. This was her perfect moment in life. She was with the people who she had the best time with and made her happy. 

Christian helped Jack move on

Christian told Jack that the people he had met and the events that happened before not only happened, but that the “time you spent with these people was the most important period of your life.” Jack was waiting for all of the people who meant so much to him to join him until he moved on. It was interesting that there weren’t some people there, like Richard, Frank, Charlotte, Miles, Ana Lucia and Daniel. We probably will never know why either. One of the other questions I had was if the sideways world wasn’t real, who was David? Was he the son Jack never got to have and wanted? Or was he a different form of Jack and their relationship was what Jack wanted all along with his father? Of course it wouldn’t be a LOST finale without questions.

Sawyer, Claire and Kate try to catch the plane

ISLAND: The final confrontation with Fake Locke was upon the castaways. Jack, Hurley, Sawyer and Kate knew they had to kill Fake Locke. Desmond ended up being free from the well by Rose and Bernard, but then taken by Fake Locke to destroy the island. The two groups finally met up, with Jack telling Fake Locke that he was going to kill him in the end. Miles, Frank and Richard decided that instead of blowing up the plane, they would take it and leave instead. Richard finally began to age, probably since Jacob was no longer a presence on the island, and he realized that he wanted to live. 

Jack, Fake Locke and Desmond went to the cave where the light was and Jack lowered Desmond down into it. Desmond put the light out of the island and the island started to fall apart. Jack was furious with Fake Locke and he gloated to Jack that Jack was wrong about what was going to happen. Jack punched him and made him bleed and told him that he was wrong too. Fake Locke didn’t see it coming that he would become mortal again. This gave Jack the chance to finish him off, but being mortally wounded in the process. How awesome was their fight? It was a great final battle between good and evil. I loved how Kate shot Fake Locke and then Jack pushed him over the cliff. 

Kate pleads with Jack not to go

Realizing he was going to die, Jack knew what he had to do. It was his purpose to save the rest of them and restore the island. In Jack and Kate’s final conversation she was hinting to him that some things could be fixed (their relationship) and she didn’t want him to go. He told her he had to and they had their final kiss. Kate finally told him that she loved him and it really showed that he loved her because he sacrificed himself to save them. Hurley and Ben went with Jack, while Kate and Sawyer left to find the plane. When they reached the other island, Kate convinced Claire to come with them. As Frank started to leave, the trio got there in time and boarded the plane. They all sat back not saying a word as the plane took off from the island.

Hurley, Ben and Jack went back to the cave to undo what Desmond had done. I loved that Hurley took over the job of island savior from Jack. This was one of the more heartbreaking scenes when Hurley told Jack that he wasn’t going to let him die. Jack knew what he had to do though, so Hurley had to accept it and accepted his job of being the protector. It was awesome that he wanted Ben to be his #2. It was fitting that Ben stayed on the island. 

The End

Jack made it all right on the island again by fixing the light and he sent Desmond back up from the cave to Hurley to be sent home. When Jack woke up, he was out of the cave and he made his way back to the bamboo field where he first landed in season 1, episode 1. He laid down and Vincent came to lay by his side. When he saw the airplane with Sawyer, Kate, Miles, Frank and Richard on it fly overhead, he closed his eyes and was gone. 

Favorite moment

I loved the ending, it was perfect, but my heart is broken for Jack. Although it was obvious what was going to happen to him as soon as he made the decision to take over for Jacob, it just hurt more knowing that him and Kate still loved each other and she had to live without him. It was awesome that they ended it how they started it: Jack in the bamboo field but this time it was his eye closing instead of opening. The only things that I was a little disappointed in was there was no Walt or Michael and nothing about Ji-Yeon. But I guess everything left unresolved is left up to the imagination. My favorite moments were when everybody started to remember each other. 

The series overall, I am going to say that I do not believe the island was purgatory and they did not die in the crash. I believe that the sideways world was them trying to get back to each other and be together in some sort of afterlife, but I believe everything else was real. It wouldn’t make sense because everybody that they had encountered that wasn’t on the plane would have already been dead too (Juliet, Ben, the freighter people, Miles, Richard, Charles Widmore, etc). So if the island was purgatory, how did the rest of these people die? It also would have meant that none of the things that the Oceanic six went through or Sawyer, Juliet and Miles’ Dharma days, would have never happened. I just having a hard time believing everything was fake because they encountered too many people and too many things happened to them off the island for it not be real (Sun having her baby, Sayid killing all of those people for Ben, Kate and Jack getting together). If they had been dead and the oceanic six being off the island was their heaven, why would they choose to go back? Too many things happened for the island to be purgatory! You can see how irritated I am with this theory! And I don’t think people can die twice (Charlie, Sun and Jin, Sayid, Shannon, Boone, Ana Lucia, Libby, Michael and Jack). 

The island was real. They crashed, the Oceanic Six got off the island, they tried to move on and couldn’t, they went back where some of them ended up dying and some of them ended up living and dying eventually. Christian even said to Jack in the church about the people waiting for him “some died before you, some died after you.” I think it took Jack a while to get where he belonged because he was waiting for everyone else to die later, like Kate. She got off the island with everybody else that was on the Ajira plane, went on with her life and then eventually died. I believe this because when she helped Jack remember his island life she told him that she missed him very much, making me think that she lived the rest of her life without him. And if he had of died on the plane, then he wouldn’t have remembered their last kiss, his neck wouldn’t have kept bleeding where he was poked with Fake Locke’s knife and he wouldn’t have had the scar of where Fake Locke stabbed him. I think though that people will have their own conclusions to the ending and the series altogether. And yes, I cried… a lot. 

Our awesome finale party cake

That’s it Losties. Now that it is over I don’t know what to do! Maybe join a Lost withdrawal support group. I am curious about other thoughts about the end, so please leave them. I will probably still ponder the series finale for a long time, but overall it was amazing and as a devoted fan I couldn’t have asked for anything more. It has been a great six season run. Now off to watch my DVDs from the beginning. Namaste!


Ode to Lost

Destiny Calls

I remember the first time I watched LOST. It was the second season finale when the Others captured Hurley, Kate, Jack and Sawyer and Michael killed Ana Lucia and Libby. When it was over I told myself I needed to watch more of this show. I spent the summer catching up on Netflix and from then on I was hooked. When they announced that season six would be the last one, I was disappointed, but thought about how it made sense because there had to be an ending point. Now here we are, finally at the end. Time has gone by fast. There have been many great moments; from “Guys, where are we?” to “WE HAVE TO GO BACK!”. There have been smiles and definitely some tears. Some WTF moments to the “I am pissed off ” moments. Out of everything that has happened in the crazy world of LOST, it all comes down to this last episode fittingly titled “The End.” Although there are many great characters and episodes, here are some of my favorites from the series. 


Jack Shephard

Jack Shephard: Sometimes I feel like I am the only one around me that likes Jack. Even Doc Jensen sometimes has issues with him! I have loved Jack from the beginning and of course Matthew Fox isn’t that bad to look at. I think that every girl has their LOST hero and mine is Jack. Yeah he has issues and there was that time where he went on his crazy bender, but I think he is a great character. I just like his story; he was the man of science and now he is the man of faith. 

Juliet Burke

Juliet Burke:  Juliet is my favorite female character. She started off as an Other and came over to the side of the castaways later in the series. Her story was heartbreaking though. She tried so hard to get off the island and in the end, death was how she accomplished her goal. She never got to see her sister again or have the life with Sawyer that she deserved. I wish they had developed her more. 

Richard Alpert

Richard Alpert: I love Nestor Carbonell and Richard has always been one of my favorites. When he first appeared on the show and throughout the series, there was always the question of “why doesn’t this guy age?”  His story was probably one of the most intriguing on the shows and in season six we finally got to see it. The tragedy of losing his wife and how he came to the island only made his story even more compelling.    

Hugo Reyes

Hugo Reyes:  Who doesn’t love Hurley? Throughout the series, Hurley has been there to provide the comic relief and always has the best lines (“Dude, you have some Artz on you”).  My favorite Hurley moment is definitely is season three “Tricia Tanaka is Dead” when he finds the VW van and with Charlie’s help, gets it working and drives it down the hill. 

Desmond Hume

Desmond Hume: Desmond’s story was another that I loved. We were introduced to him in season two when Locke and Boone discovered the hatch. Inside, here was this Scottish guy pushing a button every one hundred and eight minutes because he was told the world would end if he didn’t. Little did we know how important this character was. Desmond was not only the button pushing guy, he is now the one to help defeat Smokey. And who can forget his signature line “See you in another life brutha.”  

Honorable mention: Charlie Pace, Sayid Jarrah

Worst characters: Nikki, Paolo, Ana Lucia

Best villians: Ben Linus, Charles Widmore, Man in Black aka Smokey, Martin Keamy


Desmond and Penny

Penny and Desmond: These two are my favorite and their story is very romantic. Desmond and Penny met at the monastery where Desmond lived for a while. They have gone through a father that didn’t approve of their relationship and being separated for three years, but they never gave up hope. Penny spent so long searching for Desmond and when they finally reunited, it was perfect. After they found each other, they had a child and named him Charlie, after the person that brought them back together.  

Sun and Jin

Jin and Sun: This is another couple that displayed how love conquers all. Well, except for death. Jin and Sun had a rocky start to their marriage. Sun had cheated on Jin and wanted to leave him because of the way he treated her. They found their love again on the island when they learned that Sun was pregnant. When Jin was presumed dead, Sun was ready to go to any lengths to punish the people responsible. When she found out that Jin was alive, she went back to the island to bring her husband home to their daughter. They were separated by time travel and when they finally reached each other their reunion was short-lived. They were a couple that would do anything for each other and it showed when Jin stayed with Sun until their last breaths. Their deaths were probably one of the saddest moments in Lost history and don’t tell me that you weren’t sobbing at that moment!  

Claire and Charlie

Charlie and Claire: They started over the bond of peanut butter and grew to more than just friendship. Charlie was very protective of Claire and helped her when it came to caring for her baby Aaron. When Claire was kidnapped by the Others, Charlie went to great lengths to find her and killed the man who took her. When Desmond told Charlie that he had to die in order for Claire and Aaron to get off the island, Charlie didn’t even hesitate. When he set out to do the task that Desmond set upon him, he wrote out the greatest moments of his life with meeting Claire at number one. Their love was short, but was endearing.

Hurley and Libby

Hurley and Libby: Libby helped Hurley deal with his personal issues and he finally found someone who accepted him for who he was, but it didn’t last long. When they were suppose to have a picnic on the beach, Libby was fatally shot by Michael just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. In the Sideways world though, they were reunited. Hopefully this time it lasts longer.  

Sawyer and Juliet

Sawyer and Juliet: Another couple that ended in tragedy, Sawyer and Juliet fell in love while living among the Dharma people in the 1970’s. Juliet and Sawyer were perfect for each other and they brought out the best of each other. Sawyer became a man we never though he could be. Their love was short-lived when Juliet agreed with Jack to set off the nuclear bomb to get them back to where they belonged. After Juliet died, Sawyer blamed Jack for her death and reverted back to his old ways. I am hoping that these two are reunited in the Sideways world and get the happily ever after they deserve.


Penny finally gets her call from Desmond

Season four, “The Constant”: For me, this has been the best episode of Lost. The storytelling of the episode was amazing and was it interesting to see where they were going with Desmond’s story; it paved the way for his future. It was a powerful episode and was the start of the time traveling theme.  The episode also provided one of the most emotional and romantic scenes in the entire series. When Desmond finally reached Penny on the phone it was the moment that Lost fans had waited for and it was perfect.  

Isabelle helps Richard let go

Season six, “Ab Aeterno”: I had been waiting for this episode since Richard Alpert was first put onto the television screen. There were so many questions that I had about him. Why didn’t he age? Where did he come from? What was his purpose? Finally his story was told and it was AMAZING! I loved that he came from the Black Rock and that he was involved in the Jacob/Man in Black conflict. It also didn’t surprise me that Richard had a tragic background as well with his wife dying and him being condemned to slavery for trying to help her. This episode really satisfied some of the burning questions that I had.   

Jack can't accept Jeremy Bentham's death

Season three, “Through the Looking Glass”: One of the more heartbreaking episodes, it also featured on of the biggest WTF moments in LOST history. In the beginning of the episode we are shown a bearded and crazy Jack. There was a lot of  “what is going on?” and “Where is he?” type questions. The only clue to Jack’s suicidal thinking was an obituary in the paper that was given to him while he was on an airplane. The show had always had flashbacks and the idea of a flash forward was something that I wasn’t even thinking about at the time. In the real island time, the Losties think they have a way home believing that Penny Widmore’s boat was coming to rescue them, but instead it was a freighter of murderous mercenaries, along with Daniel, Frank, Charlottle and Miles, sent by Charles Widmore to retrieve Ben Linus. Charlie fulfills his destiny in going to the Looking Glass station to help the castaways with the radio signal and ends up dying for the cause. Two of the most memorable moments come out of the episode: Charlie writing on his hand that “it’s not Penny’s boat” and the realization that the moment between Kate and Jack is in the future and that they are off the island. “WE HAVE TO GO BACK!!!”   

Going home

Season four, “No Place Like Home”: The season four finale played off of the season three finale, “Through the Looking Glass” and revealed who Jeremy Bentham was . To me the episode set up the rest of the series and started a whole new direction for the show. Many events happened that would steer the course for season five and six. The island disappeared, the Oceanic Six got off the island, the freighter exploded killing Michael and possibly Jin. I remember watching this episode only because Beth and I spent months trying to decipher the obituary to figure out who was in the coffin. That moment when the camera loomed over the coffin was one of the most intense scenes! I believe I was literally standing on my feet in anticipation of who the dead person was. It was none other than John Locke, a “body” that become key to season six.  

Where it all started

Season one, “Pilot. parts 1 & 2”: This is where it all started. The forty eight survivors of the Oceanic flight 815 crash on an island and their lives change forever. They realize that they are somewhere that has never been experienced before, a place with a mysterious invisible thing rummaging through the trees, where diseases are cured and where a polar bear runs free through the jungle. Charlie set up the entire series for the audience when he uttered his famous words “Guys, where are we?”  

Honorable mention: Season one “Walkabout”, Season five “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham”, Season six “Happily Ever After”, Season three “Greatest Hits”

Worst Episodes: Season three “Expose”, Season three “Stranger in a Strange Land”

Best moments: The castaways playing golf. Jack’s “live together, die alone” speech. Penny and Desmond reuniting. Hurley running over the Others with the VW bus. 

Worst/heartbreaking moments: Every death; Charlie, Juliet, Boone, Jin, Sun, Sayid, Shannon, Locke, Ana Lucia and Libby. Jack watching Kate and Sawyer getting it on in the polar bear cages. Keamy shooting Alex. Kate, Hurley and Jack mourning Jin and Sun. Shannon grieving for Boone. Sayid loosing Nadia. 

Best WTF moments: Locke in the coffin. Ben murdering Locke. First glimpse of the smoke monster. Realizing Kate and Jack are in the future and off the island. 

Can’t get enough? Check out the 20 Best/Worst moments (love when Hurley throws the hot pocket at Ben) from other fans and the 20 moments of LOST that made us cry (Jin and Sun’s death takes the cake).  

LOST has been amazing. I have never been so confused and frustrated, but so intrigued by a show before. If there was one thing I could do it would be to tell JJ Abrams, Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof how brilliant they are. I would also thank Doc Jensen for the complicated, but wonderdul recaps over the years. I couldn’t have gotten through it all without his help! And I of course I would need to tell him how awesome Totally Lost is (catch the latest episode here). I think after the finale we will be deciphering the end for a very long time. I am not sure what to think anymore. There are so many questions that haven’t been answered (how did Widmore get on the island, where are Rose and Bernard, how did the Dharma Intiative find the island, why is Walt special, what really happened to Claire, etc.), but does that even matter anymore? For me the point now is the fate of these characters that we have gotten to know and have grown to love over the past six seasons of the show. Now it is more about “Will they succeed in killing Fake Locke?”, “Will Kate choose Jack, Sawyer or neither?” “Will Jack stay protector of the island forever or will he die doing his duty?” “What is the Sideways world about and will Desmond save the Island Losties?”. Destiny has called and it is now time to see what it wanted. The castaways are ready for the end and now we have to be ready too.


Lost: What They Died For

The time has come my Losties, the end is near. In four days our beloved LOST will end. No more Jack, Sawyer, Kate, Hurley, Ben, island, smoke monster, the Others, NOTHING. For six seasons we have been confused, frustrated, happy and sad and what has it all been about? That answer will come down to this one last episode. “What They Died For” was our last normal episode and it set up the end for us.  

Jack can't figure out what happened to him

SIDEWAYS:  Jack wakes up to find his mysterious neck wound is still bleeding. David has made breakfast for Jack and Claire, who is staying with them. David checks with Jack that he is going to his concert and lets him know that his mother will be there. Q. Is Juliet his mom? Jack gets a phone call and it is the airline to tell him that his father’s body was found. 


Desmond beats up Ben.... again

Desmond is still on his mission to bring everyone together. He went back to the school where Locke was, but Ben recognized him. Desmond beat Ben up, making Ben have a vision of being beaten up by Desmond before. Desmond tells Ben that he wasn’t trying to hurt Locke, he was trying to help him let go. Locke finds Ben in the nurses office being treated and asks him what happened. He tells Locke about his conversation with Desmond. After their conversation, Locke goes to Jack and tells him that he is ready to be fixed. He tells Jack whatever it is, fate or coincidence, he is ready to be out of the wheelchair.  

Ben and Danielle

Ben leaves to go home, but is confronted by Alex. She asks her mom (Danielle) if they can give him a ride home and they invite him to dinner. Danielle tells him that he is the closest thing that Alex has had to a father.

Desmond then goes to the police station where Sawyer and Miles work and confessed to running over Locke. They put him in a cell between Kate and Sayid. When they are transported out of the prison, Ana Lucia (who is the cop transporting them) is revealed to have been paid by Desmond to let them free. They meet up with Hurley who gives Ana Lucia the money. Hurley seems to know what is going on, but Kate and Sayid are confused. Sayid leaves with Hurley while Kate goes with Desmond and he tells her they are going to a concert. Q. Jack’s sons’ concert??  

Jack mends Kate

ISLAND:  Jack and Kate are on the beach discussing Sun and Jin. While he is treating her gun shot wound, she tells him about their daughter and how Jin hadn’t even met her yet. They both come to the conclusion that they need to kill Fake Locke. Jack tells Kate, Hurley and Sawyer that they need to find Desmond because if Fake Locke wanted him dead then he can help them. As they walk to find the well, Sawyer asks Jack what would have happened if he hadn’t pulled the wires on the bomb. Jack can see that Sawyer blames himself for Jin and Sun, so he tells him that Fake Locke killed them and they need to kill Fake Locke.  

Jacob comes back to tell his story

Hurley comes upon the younger Jacob in the jungle, who takes Jacob’s ashes away from Hurley. He chases after the boy, but finds older Jacob waiting for him by a fire. Jacob tells Hurley that his ashes are in the fire and by the time the fire is out, then he will be gone forever. He also tells him that they are “very close to the end.”  Hurley gets the others and takes them back to Jacob.  

Jack chooses his destiny

Kate questions Jacob on why Sun, Jin and Sayid had to die. Jacob asks them to sit and he tells them about how he was one the one that made the monster. He tells them that the reason why he brought them to the island is because the Man in Black was trying to kill him and he needed someone new to protect the island. Sawyer tells him angrily that he was just fine not being on the island. Jacob tells him that he is wrong and that they all were flawed and did not live happy lives. He chose them because they needed the island as much as it needed them. Kate asks why her name was crossed off on the cave wall and he tells her because she became a mother, but the job still could be hers if she wanted it. He tells them that he needs someone to take the job of protecting the island because when the fire runs out the job passes on to one of them. Hurley asks who he will pick and Jacob says it is their choice. Jack steps up and takes the job. Jacob tells him that there is a light in the center of the island that needs protecting and that he needs to kill the Man in Black. Jack asks him how to, but Jacob only tells him that he hopes there is a way because Fake Locke will try to kill them. Jacob takes him to a pool of water where he has Jack drink from it. He tells Jack “now you are like me”. Q. Jack the new Jacob?  

Richard is flung around by Smokey

Ben, Miles and Richard are on the way to the Dharma barracks to get the explosives to blow up the plane. They do not know anything that has happened (the sub blowing up and people dying) while they were on their VERY LONG jungle trek. Ben finds the C4 in his old Dharma house but they are confronted by Widmore as they try to leave. Ben is not happy he is there and asks why. Widmore tells him that Jacob sent him. Zoe sends word to Widmore that Fake Locke is coming for them. Miles runs, Zoe and Widmore hide in Ben’s closet and Ben with Richard goes out to face Locke. They hear the smoke monster and Richard is attacked.  

Ben shoots Widmore

Ben is confronted by Fake Locke. He tells Ben that he needs him to kill some people and the whole island will be his. Q. Kill Kate, Sawyer, Hurley and Jack because Fake Locke can’t? Ben agrees to do Fake Locke’s bidding. He asks Ben who the other boat that he saw belongs to. Ben wastes no time in telling him that Widmore and Zoe are hiding from him in the closet. Locke confronts them and kills Zoe. Fake Locke tells Widmore that he will kill Penny once he is off the island if he doesn’t tell him what he wants to know. Fake Locke questions him on why he brought Desmond to the island. Widmore won’t tell him while Ben is in the room so he whispers it into Fake Locke’s ear. Ben shoots Widmore after they are done. He then asks Fake Locke about the “other people to kill.”  

Fake Locke wants to destroy the island

They make their way to the well where Desmond was supposed to be, but find it empty. Ben asks Fake Locke what Widmore told him about Desmond. He tells him that Desmond was a “fail safe”, he was the last resort if all of the candidates were dead. He tells Ben that he is happy that Desmond is not dead because now he can get Desmond to do for him what he hasn’t been able to do: destroy the island.   

The only things I didn’t like about this episode was the deaths of Richard and Widmore. They were such key characters that I felt their deaths could have been better. Richard is one of my favorites so I was hoping to see him until the end. But then again they have been killing so many people lately that it really wasn’t suprising. I didn’t expect to have Fake Locke just come up and have a normal conversation with Richard. He wants to kill EVERYBODY so Richard is now one less person to worry about. Unless he is not really dead. I do agree with Mindy though, Jack becoming Jacob will = DEATH . But I want to have my fantasy ending where they kill the smoke monster and live happily ever after! I am still not sure what to make of the Sideways world. Desmond is rounding everyone up and he has a plan. Apparently Hurley is in on this plan too. It seems as though getting everyone together will help them remember their past or different lives and save the Islanders. The finale though will be huge. It all comes down to this one last episode. I have already accepted that they won’t answer everything, but as of right now I only care about the fates of these characters and would like to see them finally happy. Look for a special farewell blog this weekend and then hopefully I can post my finale thoughts by Tuesday. Sunday May 23, 7-9 recap of the LOST journey, 9-11:30 FINALE and at 11:30 Jimmy Kimmel’s “Aloha to Lost” party. Namaste!


My Travels: Florida

So I decided I wanted to write about my travel adventures so that one day when I am older and can’t remember anything I can read them. Well, if Word Press still exists! It is like my own “Notebook.”  


I started off my many travels for the year with a week in Florida. I had never been so it was a whole new adventure for me. There are so many things to do in this state and it was hard to choose which activities were most important. For two months I spent researching which beaches were the most fun, spent time on disney.com and researched any other parks or tours that would be cool to do. It was overwhelming! I of course wrote a few activities down that looked the best and consulted with my travel buddies. 

Day 1: Our flight landed in Orlando a little after four pm on our first day, so it didn’t really leave time to do much. We were hungry so we dropped everything off at our hotel and made our way to Downtown Disney. This is a neat area right near the rest of the parks with tons of shopping and lots of places to eat. We chose Planet Hollywood for dinner and the food was pretty good, but inside is very loud and the waitress was rude. The rest of the evening we walked around the area and of course had to check out the largest Disney store on Earth – the World of Disney. This store has, no joke, twelve rooms devoted to any Disney merchandise you can think of. It was crazy and I think we didn’t even go into every room. Overall, Downtown Disney was pretty fun. The area was pretty big and couldn’t be accomplished in an hour or two. We didn’t get to see everything, but managed to get to the important stuff. 

Animal Kingdom Tree of Life

Day 2: Animal Kingdom was our first stop at Walt Disney World. This place was pretty amazing, but made for kids and animal lovers. The Tree of Life though is something that can not be missed. There are animals carved into this massive tree and pictures do not do it justice. We went on the safari that they have and it was like being at a zoo, but the animals get to roam free while an employee drives you around in a jeep. It was neat seeing the white rhinos, especially the baby one. The girls braved the Everest Expedition roller coaster and we took a walk through the jungle trek where there were tigers and silver backed gorillas to see. We stopped in Dino-Land for an “Indiana Jones” type ride with dinosaurs and stopped to meet some characters in Camp Mickey/Minnie. Overall we finished the park in five to six hours. It wasn’t very busy and took no time at all to get through the lines. 

Bambi and Thumper made out of flowers for the festival

We finished the day off by exploring Epcot’s Future World. We mostly rode the rides and walked around the shops. We did encounter a surprise rain storm and it was definitely a different rain from Oregon. Epcot was having an International Flower and Garden festival for the month of May. This was a highlight around the park since there were characters and scenes from Disney movies made into flowers. It was definitely worth walking around to see the different displays. We had a short time in the evening so we only were able to check out the front of the park. 

Hogwarts castle at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure

Day 3: We decided to head over to Universal Studios for day three. We chose Islands of Adventure over the regular park due to the extreme roller coasters that there were to ride on. I of course chickened out, upside down is not my thing. I did enjoy the Jurassic Park Jungle Adventure and the Adventures of Spiderman. There was also a cool raft ride that left us soaking wet by the end. The park was very fun and had a lot of things to choose from. Definitely would want to get there early in the morning, because there is lots to see and the park closes at seven on some days. The only disappointment I found was that the Wizarding World of Harry Potter was not open yet, but you could still see Hogwarts castle and the village of Hogsmeade poking out of the fences to block it. It was a big tease being able to see it and not go in!  This alone would be a reason to go back to the park. We did walk around the Universal City Walk after we were done. This area was for shopping and eating. It just didn’t seem to have lots of stores like the California city walk does. They might have been in another area though. Overall it was a very fun day, I wish we had a little more time though to explore. 

Cinderella's castle at the Magic Kingdom

Day 4: This day was spent at the Magic Kingdom. A whole day from open to close is required here if you want to see the whole thing and go on all of the rides. It is very close to Disneyland, except that the layout is a little different and some of the rides were missing (Mr. Toad, the Matterhorn, Indiana Jones). Even though it was missing some key rides, it was still my favorite place. There is something about Disneyland/Magic Kingdom that makes you be in a good mood no matter what. Even though your feet feel like they are going to fall off and you are dead tired after walking all day long or you are constantly running into people or being hit by strollers, you still have enough energy to finish the park or take another ride on something. Here I went on almost every ride and my favorite has always been Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Like Disneyland, there are also the fast passes to get in line later and these were pretty helpful. Overall the day was amazing and we got to do everything that we wanted to. 

Tower of Terror at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Day 5: Spent another day between parks starting at Disney Hollywood Studios. This park was pretty fun, felt like a Disney Universal Studios. We started with the Tower of Terror because I wanted to get it over with! For me it was scary and I had to apologize to Amy because I literally squeezed her hand off! Some kids ruined the drop for us so we knew when it was going to be, but when it happened my whole body was literally flying off the seat! Thank gosh for seat belts! The park also had another favorite of mine, Star Tours and a cool Indiana Jones Stunt show. We went on a new Toy Story ride and a studio backlot tour. I was disappointed by the lack of good places to eat. I wanted a milkshake and could not find one anywhere. We found a 50’s diner to eat at and they had milkshakes, but it was not what it sounded like. We were expecting hamburgers and it was dinners like meatloaf and tuna noodle casserole. So it was more of a 50’s home type diner and not the theme we thought it would be (juke boxes, sock hop type of place).  We finished the rides we wanted to go on and decided to try to finish Epcot. 

Just one of the many from around the world!

We moved on to the World Showcase part of Epcot, where they have different areas representing different countries. There were twelve in all. Three of us decided to “drink around the world” and share a beer from each different country. Epcot is definitely a place that you need two days at. One day for the front of the park and one day for the back. We were pressed for time so we couldn’t really go inside the shops or anything. We also had a goal to finish every beer by closing time! This was probably my favorite evening of the trip. It was a lot of fun and we had some good beers. My favorite was the Italian. We also happened upon a Davy Jones concert and listened to him sing “Daydream Believer.”  We also met some cool Disney employees along the way. By the time we were through all of the countries we were exhausted! I would definitely go back though and explore each country. 

Cocoa Beach pier

Day 6: Our last day was spent at Cocoa Beach, Florida’s space coast because it is close to Cape Canaveral. We were supposed to go on an Eco-tour boat ride of the Banana River, but it got cancelled at the last-minute. My cousin and I were determined to see a manatee though so we found a manatee sanctuary park. There were some in the water,  but we were only able to see their backs and fins. We made a stop at the famous Ron Jon Surf Shop and then made out way to the Cocoa Beach Pier. We spent a good couple of hours on the beach and playing in the water. The Atlantic Ocean is definitely different from the Pacific. It is warmer and you can walk out pretty far with it only being a little above your waist. The water is pretty salty and the waves are rough. There was a time where I got hit and my boogie board went flying in the air! The weather was perfect and it was a great day. We finished the day with dinner on the pier then went back to our hotels to pack. It was nice to have a relaxing last day on our vacation. 

Overall Florida was pretty fun. Disney World was a little overwhelming, but very pretty amazing. If you want to see all of it, a good five or six days would be needed in order to take it all in. I already would like to go back since there were things I didn’t get to do. A visit to Gatorland, Harry Potter World and the Kennedy Space Center are on my list. Probably would do only Epcot and Magic Kingdom again at Disney, possibly a water park. Maybe a drive down south to explore. It was definitely one of my best vacations I have had so far. Next stop: San Diego for Comic Con in July.


Lost: The Candidate

I am so behind this week on watching and I was out of town, so blogs are behind this week. Also, I was still torn up about last weeks “The Candidate” that I wasn’t sure what I was going to say about it. The episode was definitely a heart breaker.   

Jack saves Locke

Sideways world: Starts from where we left off from before. Locke was hit by Desmond’s car and Jack is the one that saves his life. Jack tries to get Locke to be a candidate for his trial spinal surgery and Jack tells Locke that he can fix him, but Locke declines the offer. Jack decides to find out how Locke became paralyzed and his quest brings him to Bernard, who is a dentist. He asks Jack why so interested in Locke and Jack says that he met him on the Oceanic flight and wants to help him. Bernard tells Jack that they sat across from each other on the same flight and calls the coincidence “pretty weird”. Bernard can’t tell Jack anything about Locke due to confidentiality, but  gives Jack the name Anthony Cooper and tells him that he hopes Jack finds what he is looking for.   

Anthony and Locke were in an accident

Jack goes to the nursing home where Anthony is and runs into Helen. She tells Jack to stop trying to help Locke and she tells him that Locke was in an accident with Anthony. She shows Jack to Anthony, who is now in a vegetative state.

Claire and Jack look at the music box

Jack goes back to the hospital, where he runs into Claire. He apologizes that he had to leave the will reading and she shows him a music box that Christian left her in his will. It plays “Catch a Falling Star”. Jack has no idea why his dad left it for her and offers her a place to stay since they are family. Jack runs into Locke as he is leaving the hospital and tells Locke he is sorry about his father. Locke explains that he thinks everything that happened was his fault. Jack tells him that “what happened, happened” and that he can’t change anything. Jack tells Locke that he could help him and he wished that Locke believed him. 

Island: Jack wakes up on Hydra Island with Sayid near by. Elsewhere Sun, Jin, Sawyer, Kate, Hurley and Frank are put in the bear cages by Widmore’s people. Widmore tells them to get the electric fence up because “he is coming”. Fake Locke finds Jack and Sayid and tells them they are going to rescue everybody else. In Smokey form, he kills some of Widmore’s people and Jack is able to unlock the cages. They make their way to the Ajira plane and Fake Locke finds explosives on it. He tells everybody that Widmore is trying to kill them so they need to take the submarine instead. On the way to the sub, Sawyer tells Jack to push Fake Locke in the water so they can get on the sub without him. They get caught in gunfire from Widmore’s people while running to the sub and Kate is shot. As they board the sub, Jack pushes Fake Locke in the water and gets on board even though he told them he wasn’t going with them. Claire gets left behind again. Fake Locke tells her that she doesn’t want to be on the sub anyways.   

Claire gets left behind

Frank gets the driver to submerge into the water and Jack tends to injured Kate. He tells them there are medical supplies in his bag, but when they go to get them out they find the explosives instead. Fake Locke put the bomb in Jack’s bag while in the jungle. Sawyer wants to take the wires out, but Jack tells him that this was Fake Locke’s plan all along and that they won’t die if they let the countdown run down. He tries to explain to Sawyer that Fake Locke is not allowed to kill them since they are candidates and the only way to get rid of them is if they killed each other. Q. Is this why he couldn’t kill Jacob and had to get Ben to do it? Sawyer doesn’t believe Jack and pulls the wires and makes the countdown go faster.   

Sayid is a hero

They all stare at the bomb in disbelief. Sayid tells Jack that Desmond is in a well on the main island and Fake Locke wants him dead so they need to use Desmond. Jack asks him why that is important and Sayid tells him “because it is going to be you Jack.” Sayid grabs the bomb and runs into a different part of the sub and the bomb explodes. The sub starts to fill up with water and Jack tells Hurley to get Kate out. Hurley asks about Sayid and Jack tells him that there is no Sayid anymore. Frank gets hit by a gush of water while trying to escape and disappears.   

Sun and Jin have their last moment

Sun is stuck under something and Jack tries to help Jin get her out. Sawyer gets hit in the head and Jin tells Jack to save him. Jack doesn’t want to leave them, but Jin insists. Jack leaves with Sawyer while Jin tries to unpin Sun. She tells Jin to leave her and he won’t. He tells her that he will never leave her again. He holds her as the water fills the submarine and they hold hands until the very end.   

Fake Locke has a plan

Jack brings an unconcious Sawyer to the beach and finds Hurley with Kate. She asks Jack where Sun and Jin are and he just shakes his head. All three of them weep for their friends. At the dock, Fake Locke tells Claire that the submarine has sunk. She can’t believe everyone is dead, but he tells her not everyone. He grabs his back pack and she asks him where he is going. He tells her “to finish what I started” and he leaves.

This episode was major. Never before have so many main characters died in one show. I couldn’t believe that they killed off on the most beloved couples. I mean, what is going to happen to their daughter Ji-Yeon? It was completely heart breaking to watch their hands drift apart in the water and I was completely sobbing. I read an interview with Team Darlton afterwards that they wanted to show that they weren’t kidding around and that Fake Locke is the ultimate LOST villian. And yep, they weren’t kidding around. So now it looks like Jack, Sawyer and Hurley are the only candidates left and it is up to them to get rid of Fake Locke. I think that Widmore was trying to protect them and they let Fake Locke manipulate them. All along it was his plan to kill the candidates. Q. Because he can’t get off the island with them alive? So now they need to find Desmond. Also, where are Richard, Ben and Miles? I think it wont be until the last episode until they all come together to battle Fake Locke. More deaths are probably on the way too. Only two more episodes left and I am sad. Don’t forget on May 23 there will be an hour recap of the show, a two and a half hour series finale and a Jimmy Kimmel LOST party after. Will try to catch up on this weeks episode soon.