Lost: The Candidate

I am so behind this week on watching and I was out of town, so blogs are behind this week. Also, I was still torn up about last weeks “The Candidate” that I wasn’t sure what I was going to say about it. The episode was definitely a heart breaker.   

Jack saves Locke

Sideways world: Starts from where we left off from before. Locke was hit by Desmond’s car and Jack is the one that saves his life. Jack tries to get Locke to be a candidate for his trial spinal surgery and Jack tells Locke that he can fix him, but Locke declines the offer. Jack decides to find out how Locke became paralyzed and his quest brings him to Bernard, who is a dentist. He asks Jack why so interested in Locke and Jack says that he met him on the Oceanic flight and wants to help him. Bernard tells Jack that they sat across from each other on the same flight and calls the coincidence “pretty weird”. Bernard can’t tell Jack anything about Locke due to confidentiality, but  gives Jack the name Anthony Cooper and tells him that he hopes Jack finds what he is looking for.   

Anthony and Locke were in an accident

Jack goes to the nursing home where Anthony is and runs into Helen. She tells Jack to stop trying to help Locke and she tells him that Locke was in an accident with Anthony. She shows Jack to Anthony, who is now in a vegetative state.

Claire and Jack look at the music box

Jack goes back to the hospital, where he runs into Claire. He apologizes that he had to leave the will reading and she shows him a music box that Christian left her in his will. It plays “Catch a Falling Star”. Jack has no idea why his dad left it for her and offers her a place to stay since they are family. Jack runs into Locke as he is leaving the hospital and tells Locke he is sorry about his father. Locke explains that he thinks everything that happened was his fault. Jack tells him that “what happened, happened” and that he can’t change anything. Jack tells Locke that he could help him and he wished that Locke believed him. 

Island: Jack wakes up on Hydra Island with Sayid near by. Elsewhere Sun, Jin, Sawyer, Kate, Hurley and Frank are put in the bear cages by Widmore’s people. Widmore tells them to get the electric fence up because “he is coming”. Fake Locke finds Jack and Sayid and tells them they are going to rescue everybody else. In Smokey form, he kills some of Widmore’s people and Jack is able to unlock the cages. They make their way to the Ajira plane and Fake Locke finds explosives on it. He tells everybody that Widmore is trying to kill them so they need to take the submarine instead. On the way to the sub, Sawyer tells Jack to push Fake Locke in the water so they can get on the sub without him. They get caught in gunfire from Widmore’s people while running to the sub and Kate is shot. As they board the sub, Jack pushes Fake Locke in the water and gets on board even though he told them he wasn’t going with them. Claire gets left behind again. Fake Locke tells her that she doesn’t want to be on the sub anyways.   

Claire gets left behind

Frank gets the driver to submerge into the water and Jack tends to injured Kate. He tells them there are medical supplies in his bag, but when they go to get them out they find the explosives instead. Fake Locke put the bomb in Jack’s bag while in the jungle. Sawyer wants to take the wires out, but Jack tells him that this was Fake Locke’s plan all along and that they won’t die if they let the countdown run down. He tries to explain to Sawyer that Fake Locke is not allowed to kill them since they are candidates and the only way to get rid of them is if they killed each other. Q. Is this why he couldn’t kill Jacob and had to get Ben to do it? Sawyer doesn’t believe Jack and pulls the wires and makes the countdown go faster.   

Sayid is a hero

They all stare at the bomb in disbelief. Sayid tells Jack that Desmond is in a well on the main island and Fake Locke wants him dead so they need to use Desmond. Jack asks him why that is important and Sayid tells him “because it is going to be you Jack.” Sayid grabs the bomb and runs into a different part of the sub and the bomb explodes. The sub starts to fill up with water and Jack tells Hurley to get Kate out. Hurley asks about Sayid and Jack tells him that there is no Sayid anymore. Frank gets hit by a gush of water while trying to escape and disappears.   

Sun and Jin have their last moment

Sun is stuck under something and Jack tries to help Jin get her out. Sawyer gets hit in the head and Jin tells Jack to save him. Jack doesn’t want to leave them, but Jin insists. Jack leaves with Sawyer while Jin tries to unpin Sun. She tells Jin to leave her and he won’t. He tells her that he will never leave her again. He holds her as the water fills the submarine and they hold hands until the very end.   

Fake Locke has a plan

Jack brings an unconcious Sawyer to the beach and finds Hurley with Kate. She asks Jack where Sun and Jin are and he just shakes his head. All three of them weep for their friends. At the dock, Fake Locke tells Claire that the submarine has sunk. She can’t believe everyone is dead, but he tells her not everyone. He grabs his back pack and she asks him where he is going. He tells her “to finish what I started” and he leaves.

This episode was major. Never before have so many main characters died in one show. I couldn’t believe that they killed off on the most beloved couples. I mean, what is going to happen to their daughter Ji-Yeon? It was completely heart breaking to watch their hands drift apart in the water and I was completely sobbing. I read an interview with Team Darlton afterwards that they wanted to show that they weren’t kidding around and that Fake Locke is the ultimate LOST villian. And yep, they weren’t kidding around. So now it looks like Jack, Sawyer and Hurley are the only candidates left and it is up to them to get rid of Fake Locke. I think that Widmore was trying to protect them and they let Fake Locke manipulate them. All along it was his plan to kill the candidates. Q. Because he can’t get off the island with them alive? So now they need to find Desmond. Also, where are Richard, Ben and Miles? I think it wont be until the last episode until they all come together to battle Fake Locke. More deaths are probably on the way too. Only two more episodes left and I am sad. Don’t forget on May 23 there will be an hour recap of the show, a two and a half hour series finale and a Jimmy Kimmel LOST party after. Will try to catch up on this weeks episode soon.


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