Lost: What They Died For

The time has come my Losties, the end is near. In four days our beloved LOST will end. No more Jack, Sawyer, Kate, Hurley, Ben, island, smoke monster, the Others, NOTHING. For six seasons we have been confused, frustrated, happy and sad and what has it all been about? That answer will come down to this one last episode. “What They Died For” was our last normal episode and it set up the end for us.  

Jack can't figure out what happened to him

SIDEWAYS:  Jack wakes up to find his mysterious neck wound is still bleeding. David has made breakfast for Jack and Claire, who is staying with them. David checks with Jack that he is going to his concert and lets him know that his mother will be there. Q. Is Juliet his mom? Jack gets a phone call and it is the airline to tell him that his father’s body was found. 


Desmond beats up Ben.... again

Desmond is still on his mission to bring everyone together. He went back to the school where Locke was, but Ben recognized him. Desmond beat Ben up, making Ben have a vision of being beaten up by Desmond before. Desmond tells Ben that he wasn’t trying to hurt Locke, he was trying to help him let go. Locke finds Ben in the nurses office being treated and asks him what happened. He tells Locke about his conversation with Desmond. After their conversation, Locke goes to Jack and tells him that he is ready to be fixed. He tells Jack whatever it is, fate or coincidence, he is ready to be out of the wheelchair.  

Ben and Danielle

Ben leaves to go home, but is confronted by Alex. She asks her mom (Danielle) if they can give him a ride home and they invite him to dinner. Danielle tells him that he is the closest thing that Alex has had to a father.

Desmond then goes to the police station where Sawyer and Miles work and confessed to running over Locke. They put him in a cell between Kate and Sayid. When they are transported out of the prison, Ana Lucia (who is the cop transporting them) is revealed to have been paid by Desmond to let them free. They meet up with Hurley who gives Ana Lucia the money. Hurley seems to know what is going on, but Kate and Sayid are confused. Sayid leaves with Hurley while Kate goes with Desmond and he tells her they are going to a concert. Q. Jack’s sons’ concert??  

Jack mends Kate

ISLAND:  Jack and Kate are on the beach discussing Sun and Jin. While he is treating her gun shot wound, she tells him about their daughter and how Jin hadn’t even met her yet. They both come to the conclusion that they need to kill Fake Locke. Jack tells Kate, Hurley and Sawyer that they need to find Desmond because if Fake Locke wanted him dead then he can help them. As they walk to find the well, Sawyer asks Jack what would have happened if he hadn’t pulled the wires on the bomb. Jack can see that Sawyer blames himself for Jin and Sun, so he tells him that Fake Locke killed them and they need to kill Fake Locke.  

Jacob comes back to tell his story

Hurley comes upon the younger Jacob in the jungle, who takes Jacob’s ashes away from Hurley. He chases after the boy, but finds older Jacob waiting for him by a fire. Jacob tells Hurley that his ashes are in the fire and by the time the fire is out, then he will be gone forever. He also tells him that they are “very close to the end.”  Hurley gets the others and takes them back to Jacob.  

Jack chooses his destiny

Kate questions Jacob on why Sun, Jin and Sayid had to die. Jacob asks them to sit and he tells them about how he was one the one that made the monster. He tells them that the reason why he brought them to the island is because the Man in Black was trying to kill him and he needed someone new to protect the island. Sawyer tells him angrily that he was just fine not being on the island. Jacob tells him that he is wrong and that they all were flawed and did not live happy lives. He chose them because they needed the island as much as it needed them. Kate asks why her name was crossed off on the cave wall and he tells her because she became a mother, but the job still could be hers if she wanted it. He tells them that he needs someone to take the job of protecting the island because when the fire runs out the job passes on to one of them. Hurley asks who he will pick and Jacob says it is their choice. Jack steps up and takes the job. Jacob tells him that there is a light in the center of the island that needs protecting and that he needs to kill the Man in Black. Jack asks him how to, but Jacob only tells him that he hopes there is a way because Fake Locke will try to kill them. Jacob takes him to a pool of water where he has Jack drink from it. He tells Jack “now you are like me”. Q. Jack the new Jacob?  

Richard is flung around by Smokey

Ben, Miles and Richard are on the way to the Dharma barracks to get the explosives to blow up the plane. They do not know anything that has happened (the sub blowing up and people dying) while they were on their VERY LONG jungle trek. Ben finds the C4 in his old Dharma house but they are confronted by Widmore as they try to leave. Ben is not happy he is there and asks why. Widmore tells him that Jacob sent him. Zoe sends word to Widmore that Fake Locke is coming for them. Miles runs, Zoe and Widmore hide in Ben’s closet and Ben with Richard goes out to face Locke. They hear the smoke monster and Richard is attacked.  

Ben shoots Widmore

Ben is confronted by Fake Locke. He tells Ben that he needs him to kill some people and the whole island will be his. Q. Kill Kate, Sawyer, Hurley and Jack because Fake Locke can’t? Ben agrees to do Fake Locke’s bidding. He asks Ben who the other boat that he saw belongs to. Ben wastes no time in telling him that Widmore and Zoe are hiding from him in the closet. Locke confronts them and kills Zoe. Fake Locke tells Widmore that he will kill Penny once he is off the island if he doesn’t tell him what he wants to know. Fake Locke questions him on why he brought Desmond to the island. Widmore won’t tell him while Ben is in the room so he whispers it into Fake Locke’s ear. Ben shoots Widmore after they are done. He then asks Fake Locke about the “other people to kill.”  

Fake Locke wants to destroy the island

They make their way to the well where Desmond was supposed to be, but find it empty. Ben asks Fake Locke what Widmore told him about Desmond. He tells him that Desmond was a “fail safe”, he was the last resort if all of the candidates were dead. He tells Ben that he is happy that Desmond is not dead because now he can get Desmond to do for him what he hasn’t been able to do: destroy the island.   

The only things I didn’t like about this episode was the deaths of Richard and Widmore. They were such key characters that I felt their deaths could have been better. Richard is one of my favorites so I was hoping to see him until the end. But then again they have been killing so many people lately that it really wasn’t suprising. I didn’t expect to have Fake Locke just come up and have a normal conversation with Richard. He wants to kill EVERYBODY so Richard is now one less person to worry about. Unless he is not really dead. I do agree with Mindy though, Jack becoming Jacob will = DEATH . But I want to have my fantasy ending where they kill the smoke monster and live happily ever after! I am still not sure what to make of the Sideways world. Desmond is rounding everyone up and he has a plan. Apparently Hurley is in on this plan too. It seems as though getting everyone together will help them remember their past or different lives and save the Islanders. The finale though will be huge. It all comes down to this one last episode. I have already accepted that they won’t answer everything, but as of right now I only care about the fates of these characters and would like to see them finally happy. Look for a special farewell blog this weekend and then hopefully I can post my finale thoughts by Tuesday. Sunday May 23, 7-9 recap of the LOST journey, 9-11:30 FINALE and at 11:30 Jimmy Kimmel’s “Aloha to Lost” party. Namaste!



  1. Awesome recap. I’m definitely worried for Jack. You know that was way too easy! I thought it would be so much more complicated. Seriously – why did Jacob put them through so much crap if he could have just walked up at any time and been like “do you want to protect the island?”

    Locke would have done it four seasons ago! 🙂

    • Ha! I like your thoughts! He could have just walked up to them a long time ago. But then we wouldn’t have been put through all of this! Looking forward to the party. 🙂

  2. I’m really hoping Richard isn’t dead too! All they showed is him getting thrown by the Smoke monster, he could still be alive! I guess we’ll have to wait until the finale, I’m so excited and sad at the same time.

    I was disappointed that Ben has gone completely evil again, he had redeemed himself earlier this season. I still love him though and seeing him tear up in the sideways world when Danielle told him that he’s the closest thing to a father Alex has was really sweet.

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