Ode to Lost

Destiny Calls

I remember the first time I watched LOST. It was the second season finale when the Others captured Hurley, Kate, Jack and Sawyer and Michael killed Ana Lucia and Libby. When it was over I told myself I needed to watch more of this show. I spent the summer catching up on Netflix and from then on I was hooked. When they announced that season six would be the last one, I was disappointed, but thought about how it made sense because there had to be an ending point. Now here we are, finally at the end. Time has gone by fast. There have been many great moments; from “Guys, where are we?” to “WE HAVE TO GO BACK!”. There have been smiles and definitely some tears. Some WTF moments to the “I am pissed off ” moments. Out of everything that has happened in the crazy world of LOST, it all comes down to this last episode fittingly titled “The End.” Although there are many great characters and episodes, here are some of my favorites from the series. 


Jack Shephard

Jack Shephard: Sometimes I feel like I am the only one around me that likes Jack. Even Doc Jensen sometimes has issues with him! I have loved Jack from the beginning and of course Matthew Fox isn’t that bad to look at. I think that every girl has their LOST hero and mine is Jack. Yeah he has issues and there was that time where he went on his crazy bender, but I think he is a great character. I just like his story; he was the man of science and now he is the man of faith. 

Juliet Burke

Juliet Burke:  Juliet is my favorite female character. She started off as an Other and came over to the side of the castaways later in the series. Her story was heartbreaking though. She tried so hard to get off the island and in the end, death was how she accomplished her goal. She never got to see her sister again or have the life with Sawyer that she deserved. I wish they had developed her more. 

Richard Alpert

Richard Alpert: I love Nestor Carbonell and Richard has always been one of my favorites. When he first appeared on the show and throughout the series, there was always the question of “why doesn’t this guy age?”  His story was probably one of the most intriguing on the shows and in season six we finally got to see it. The tragedy of losing his wife and how he came to the island only made his story even more compelling.    

Hugo Reyes

Hugo Reyes:  Who doesn’t love Hurley? Throughout the series, Hurley has been there to provide the comic relief and always has the best lines (“Dude, you have some Artz on you”).  My favorite Hurley moment is definitely is season three “Tricia Tanaka is Dead” when he finds the VW van and with Charlie’s help, gets it working and drives it down the hill. 

Desmond Hume

Desmond Hume: Desmond’s story was another that I loved. We were introduced to him in season two when Locke and Boone discovered the hatch. Inside, here was this Scottish guy pushing a button every one hundred and eight minutes because he was told the world would end if he didn’t. Little did we know how important this character was. Desmond was not only the button pushing guy, he is now the one to help defeat Smokey. And who can forget his signature line “See you in another life brutha.”  

Honorable mention: Charlie Pace, Sayid Jarrah

Worst characters: Nikki, Paolo, Ana Lucia

Best villians: Ben Linus, Charles Widmore, Man in Black aka Smokey, Martin Keamy


Desmond and Penny

Penny and Desmond: These two are my favorite and their story is very romantic. Desmond and Penny met at the monastery where Desmond lived for a while. They have gone through a father that didn’t approve of their relationship and being separated for three years, but they never gave up hope. Penny spent so long searching for Desmond and when they finally reunited, it was perfect. After they found each other, they had a child and named him Charlie, after the person that brought them back together.  

Sun and Jin

Jin and Sun: This is another couple that displayed how love conquers all. Well, except for death. Jin and Sun had a rocky start to their marriage. Sun had cheated on Jin and wanted to leave him because of the way he treated her. They found their love again on the island when they learned that Sun was pregnant. When Jin was presumed dead, Sun was ready to go to any lengths to punish the people responsible. When she found out that Jin was alive, she went back to the island to bring her husband home to their daughter. They were separated by time travel and when they finally reached each other their reunion was short-lived. They were a couple that would do anything for each other and it showed when Jin stayed with Sun until their last breaths. Their deaths were probably one of the saddest moments in Lost history and don’t tell me that you weren’t sobbing at that moment!  

Claire and Charlie

Charlie and Claire: They started over the bond of peanut butter and grew to more than just friendship. Charlie was very protective of Claire and helped her when it came to caring for her baby Aaron. When Claire was kidnapped by the Others, Charlie went to great lengths to find her and killed the man who took her. When Desmond told Charlie that he had to die in order for Claire and Aaron to get off the island, Charlie didn’t even hesitate. When he set out to do the task that Desmond set upon him, he wrote out the greatest moments of his life with meeting Claire at number one. Their love was short, but was endearing.

Hurley and Libby

Hurley and Libby: Libby helped Hurley deal with his personal issues and he finally found someone who accepted him for who he was, but it didn’t last long. When they were suppose to have a picnic on the beach, Libby was fatally shot by Michael just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. In the Sideways world though, they were reunited. Hopefully this time it lasts longer.  

Sawyer and Juliet

Sawyer and Juliet: Another couple that ended in tragedy, Sawyer and Juliet fell in love while living among the Dharma people in the 1970’s. Juliet and Sawyer were perfect for each other and they brought out the best of each other. Sawyer became a man we never though he could be. Their love was short-lived when Juliet agreed with Jack to set off the nuclear bomb to get them back to where they belonged. After Juliet died, Sawyer blamed Jack for her death and reverted back to his old ways. I am hoping that these two are reunited in the Sideways world and get the happily ever after they deserve.


Penny finally gets her call from Desmond

Season four, “The Constant”: For me, this has been the best episode of Lost. The storytelling of the episode was amazing and was it interesting to see where they were going with Desmond’s story; it paved the way for his future. It was a powerful episode and was the start of the time traveling theme.  The episode also provided one of the most emotional and romantic scenes in the entire series. When Desmond finally reached Penny on the phone it was the moment that Lost fans had waited for and it was perfect.  

Isabelle helps Richard let go

Season six, “Ab Aeterno”: I had been waiting for this episode since Richard Alpert was first put onto the television screen. There were so many questions that I had about him. Why didn’t he age? Where did he come from? What was his purpose? Finally his story was told and it was AMAZING! I loved that he came from the Black Rock and that he was involved in the Jacob/Man in Black conflict. It also didn’t surprise me that Richard had a tragic background as well with his wife dying and him being condemned to slavery for trying to help her. This episode really satisfied some of the burning questions that I had.   

Jack can't accept Jeremy Bentham's death

Season three, “Through the Looking Glass”: One of the more heartbreaking episodes, it also featured on of the biggest WTF moments in LOST history. In the beginning of the episode we are shown a bearded and crazy Jack. There was a lot of  “what is going on?” and “Where is he?” type questions. The only clue to Jack’s suicidal thinking was an obituary in the paper that was given to him while he was on an airplane. The show had always had flashbacks and the idea of a flash forward was something that I wasn’t even thinking about at the time. In the real island time, the Losties think they have a way home believing that Penny Widmore’s boat was coming to rescue them, but instead it was a freighter of murderous mercenaries, along with Daniel, Frank, Charlottle and Miles, sent by Charles Widmore to retrieve Ben Linus. Charlie fulfills his destiny in going to the Looking Glass station to help the castaways with the radio signal and ends up dying for the cause. Two of the most memorable moments come out of the episode: Charlie writing on his hand that “it’s not Penny’s boat” and the realization that the moment between Kate and Jack is in the future and that they are off the island. “WE HAVE TO GO BACK!!!”   

Going home

Season four, “No Place Like Home”: The season four finale played off of the season three finale, “Through the Looking Glass” and revealed who Jeremy Bentham was . To me the episode set up the rest of the series and started a whole new direction for the show. Many events happened that would steer the course for season five and six. The island disappeared, the Oceanic Six got off the island, the freighter exploded killing Michael and possibly Jin. I remember watching this episode only because Beth and I spent months trying to decipher the obituary to figure out who was in the coffin. That moment when the camera loomed over the coffin was one of the most intense scenes! I believe I was literally standing on my feet in anticipation of who the dead person was. It was none other than John Locke, a “body” that become key to season six.  

Where it all started

Season one, “Pilot. parts 1 & 2”: This is where it all started. The forty eight survivors of the Oceanic flight 815 crash on an island and their lives change forever. They realize that they are somewhere that has never been experienced before, a place with a mysterious invisible thing rummaging through the trees, where diseases are cured and where a polar bear runs free through the jungle. Charlie set up the entire series for the audience when he uttered his famous words “Guys, where are we?”  

Honorable mention: Season one “Walkabout”, Season five “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham”, Season six “Happily Ever After”, Season three “Greatest Hits”

Worst Episodes: Season three “Expose”, Season three “Stranger in a Strange Land”

Best moments: The castaways playing golf. Jack’s “live together, die alone” speech. Penny and Desmond reuniting. Hurley running over the Others with the VW bus. 

Worst/heartbreaking moments: Every death; Charlie, Juliet, Boone, Jin, Sun, Sayid, Shannon, Locke, Ana Lucia and Libby. Jack watching Kate and Sawyer getting it on in the polar bear cages. Keamy shooting Alex. Kate, Hurley and Jack mourning Jin and Sun. Shannon grieving for Boone. Sayid loosing Nadia. 

Best WTF moments: Locke in the coffin. Ben murdering Locke. First glimpse of the smoke monster. Realizing Kate and Jack are in the future and off the island. 

Can’t get enough? Check out the 20 Best/Worst moments (love when Hurley throws the hot pocket at Ben) from other fans and the 20 moments of LOST that made us cry (Jin and Sun’s death takes the cake).  

LOST has been amazing. I have never been so confused and frustrated, but so intrigued by a show before. If there was one thing I could do it would be to tell JJ Abrams, Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof how brilliant they are. I would also thank Doc Jensen for the complicated, but wonderdul recaps over the years. I couldn’t have gotten through it all without his help! And I of course I would need to tell him how awesome Totally Lost is (catch the latest episode here). I think after the finale we will be deciphering the end for a very long time. I am not sure what to think anymore. There are so many questions that haven’t been answered (how did Widmore get on the island, where are Rose and Bernard, how did the Dharma Intiative find the island, why is Walt special, what really happened to Claire, etc.), but does that even matter anymore? For me the point now is the fate of these characters that we have gotten to know and have grown to love over the past six seasons of the show. Now it is more about “Will they succeed in killing Fake Locke?”, “Will Kate choose Jack, Sawyer or neither?” “Will Jack stay protector of the island forever or will he die doing his duty?” “What is the Sideways world about and will Desmond save the Island Losties?”. Destiny has called and it is now time to see what it wanted. The castaways are ready for the end and now we have to be ready too.


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