Lost: The End

Jack, the series hero

The morning after, I am still processing  everything that happened in “The End.” One thing that I know for sure is, I was completely satisfied how they ended the show. There is a lot of debate out there about what was real and what wasn’t. I think that is the point though, to leave it up to people to interpret what it all meant. My mind is still reeling from all of it so instead of doing a full recap, there will be the significant points to the episode with my final thoughts. Major spoilers, so if you haven’t seen the series finale, stop now. 

Back together again

SIDEWAYS WORLD: Everybody finally came together thanks to Desmond and things started to make sense. They all had a significant moment that helped them get back to their Island selves. Kate was triggered by helping Claire give birth. Charlie seeing Claire helped him remember being together. Juliet and Sawyer touched hands and remembered each other (loved how when they remembered each other they said the words that they did right before she had died). Sun remembered when Juliet gave her the ultrasound. Sayid remembered Shannon, I didn’t see that coming but maybe it was Shannon because Nadia was the love in his life off the island. Boone was in on the plan with Hurley. Locke was back to himself after Jack performed surgery and he was able to walk again. Locke even got an apology from Ben. They all got together at the church where Jack was going to hold his father’s funeral and Jack remembered everything when he touched his fathers coffin. For a second, I thought it was going to be his body in the coffin. He remembered his love for Kate and his time on the island.

Moving on

Christian appeared to him and he realized that he was dead. Christian tells him that he made the place so they all could find each other again. Jack goes into the church and reunites with Kate, Sawyer, Juliet, Locke, Boone, Shannon, Sayid, Hurley, Libby, Rose, Bernard, Claire, Charlie, Sun, Jin, Desmond and Penny. Christian leaves the church and lets in a ray of light that blankets the castaways. 

Jack and Kate reunited

In my head, my theory was that the sideways world was a different life and they would remember each other and live their lives how they should. Which would be, together. I mean, that sort of happened, but it was their heaven. I think that they all waited for each other and Jack couldn’t get through until everybody was gone (like the people who died after leaving the island; Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, Miles, etc.). It reminded me of the ending of Titanic, when older Rose dies in her sleep and her heaven is with Jack and all of the people from the Titanic. This was her perfect moment in life. She was with the people who she had the best time with and made her happy. 

Christian helped Jack move on

Christian told Jack that the people he had met and the events that happened before not only happened, but that the “time you spent with these people was the most important period of your life.” Jack was waiting for all of the people who meant so much to him to join him until he moved on. It was interesting that there weren’t some people there, like Richard, Frank, Charlotte, Miles, Ana Lucia and Daniel. We probably will never know why either. One of the other questions I had was if the sideways world wasn’t real, who was David? Was he the son Jack never got to have and wanted? Or was he a different form of Jack and their relationship was what Jack wanted all along with his father? Of course it wouldn’t be a LOST finale without questions.

Sawyer, Claire and Kate try to catch the plane

ISLAND: The final confrontation with Fake Locke was upon the castaways. Jack, Hurley, Sawyer and Kate knew they had to kill Fake Locke. Desmond ended up being free from the well by Rose and Bernard, but then taken by Fake Locke to destroy the island. The two groups finally met up, with Jack telling Fake Locke that he was going to kill him in the end. Miles, Frank and Richard decided that instead of blowing up the plane, they would take it and leave instead. Richard finally began to age, probably since Jacob was no longer a presence on the island, and he realized that he wanted to live. 

Jack, Fake Locke and Desmond went to the cave where the light was and Jack lowered Desmond down into it. Desmond put the light out of the island and the island started to fall apart. Jack was furious with Fake Locke and he gloated to Jack that Jack was wrong about what was going to happen. Jack punched him and made him bleed and told him that he was wrong too. Fake Locke didn’t see it coming that he would become mortal again. This gave Jack the chance to finish him off, but being mortally wounded in the process. How awesome was their fight? It was a great final battle between good and evil. I loved how Kate shot Fake Locke and then Jack pushed him over the cliff. 

Kate pleads with Jack not to go

Realizing he was going to die, Jack knew what he had to do. It was his purpose to save the rest of them and restore the island. In Jack and Kate’s final conversation she was hinting to him that some things could be fixed (their relationship) and she didn’t want him to go. He told her he had to and they had their final kiss. Kate finally told him that she loved him and it really showed that he loved her because he sacrificed himself to save them. Hurley and Ben went with Jack, while Kate and Sawyer left to find the plane. When they reached the other island, Kate convinced Claire to come with them. As Frank started to leave, the trio got there in time and boarded the plane. They all sat back not saying a word as the plane took off from the island.

Hurley, Ben and Jack went back to the cave to undo what Desmond had done. I loved that Hurley took over the job of island savior from Jack. This was one of the more heartbreaking scenes when Hurley told Jack that he wasn’t going to let him die. Jack knew what he had to do though, so Hurley had to accept it and accepted his job of being the protector. It was awesome that he wanted Ben to be his #2. It was fitting that Ben stayed on the island. 

The End

Jack made it all right on the island again by fixing the light and he sent Desmond back up from the cave to Hurley to be sent home. When Jack woke up, he was out of the cave and he made his way back to the bamboo field where he first landed in season 1, episode 1. He laid down and Vincent came to lay by his side. When he saw the airplane with Sawyer, Kate, Miles, Frank and Richard on it fly overhead, he closed his eyes and was gone. 

Favorite moment

I loved the ending, it was perfect, but my heart is broken for Jack. Although it was obvious what was going to happen to him as soon as he made the decision to take over for Jacob, it just hurt more knowing that him and Kate still loved each other and she had to live without him. It was awesome that they ended it how they started it: Jack in the bamboo field but this time it was his eye closing instead of opening. The only things that I was a little disappointed in was there was no Walt or Michael and nothing about Ji-Yeon. But I guess everything left unresolved is left up to the imagination. My favorite moments were when everybody started to remember each other. 

The series overall, I am going to say that I do not believe the island was purgatory and they did not die in the crash. I believe that the sideways world was them trying to get back to each other and be together in some sort of afterlife, but I believe everything else was real. It wouldn’t make sense because everybody that they had encountered that wasn’t on the plane would have already been dead too (Juliet, Ben, the freighter people, Miles, Richard, Charles Widmore, etc). So if the island was purgatory, how did the rest of these people die? It also would have meant that none of the things that the Oceanic six went through or Sawyer, Juliet and Miles’ Dharma days, would have never happened. I just having a hard time believing everything was fake because they encountered too many people and too many things happened to them off the island for it not be real (Sun having her baby, Sayid killing all of those people for Ben, Kate and Jack getting together). If they had been dead and the oceanic six being off the island was their heaven, why would they choose to go back? Too many things happened for the island to be purgatory! You can see how irritated I am with this theory! And I don’t think people can die twice (Charlie, Sun and Jin, Sayid, Shannon, Boone, Ana Lucia, Libby, Michael and Jack). 

The island was real. They crashed, the Oceanic Six got off the island, they tried to move on and couldn’t, they went back where some of them ended up dying and some of them ended up living and dying eventually. Christian even said to Jack in the church about the people waiting for him “some died before you, some died after you.” I think it took Jack a while to get where he belonged because he was waiting for everyone else to die later, like Kate. She got off the island with everybody else that was on the Ajira plane, went on with her life and then eventually died. I believe this because when she helped Jack remember his island life she told him that she missed him very much, making me think that she lived the rest of her life without him. And if he had of died on the plane, then he wouldn’t have remembered their last kiss, his neck wouldn’t have kept bleeding where he was poked with Fake Locke’s knife and he wouldn’t have had the scar of where Fake Locke stabbed him. I think though that people will have their own conclusions to the ending and the series altogether. And yes, I cried… a lot. 

Our awesome finale party cake

That’s it Losties. Now that it is over I don’t know what to do! Maybe join a Lost withdrawal support group. I am curious about other thoughts about the end, so please leave them. I will probably still ponder the series finale for a long time, but overall it was amazing and as a devoted fan I couldn’t have asked for anything more. It has been a great six season run. Now off to watch my DVDs from the beginning. Namaste!



  1. I am still mulling over it as well but almost immediately after the episode ended had came to the same conclusion as you. The stuff on the island and them leaving all really happened and it was just the flash sideways that were the afterlife or purgatory as some call it. So in reality when they detonated the bomb at the end of season 5, nothing happened. It did not create the sideways world, that was their afterlifes.

    I hate the people who are interpreting it as they were all dead the whole time, that wouldn’t make sense! How would they been “re-awakening” and remembering everything that happened on the island if it had all been when they were already dead? It showed Sun and Jin remembering their own deaths, how could that have been if they were already dead?

    It was confusing and thought provoking and I thought very emotionally fulfilling. That particular group had formed the strongest bonds and all waited for each other to move on. I loved the couples getting back together, it was very moving.

    Anyway, just wanted to let you knwo I agree with you 100%!

  2. I am glad I found someone else to agree! I know someone that thinks it was all afterlife and we were arguing. I guess it does come down to what you believe. I loved the couples moments too and it was a great ending.

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