My Comic-Con Hopes


My desire to go to Comic-Con began when I became a LOST fan and I would follow the convention each year when it would happen to satisfy my need for LOST information while it was on hiatus. My desire was even more fueled by my friends Mindy and Dan last summer when we were just having dinner one night after watching, I believe, Wolverine. I told them about how I always wanted to go to Comic-Con and we got discussing how cool it would be to go see all of our favorite tv shows, new movies and meet our favorite celebrities. Finally we all said “okay let’s go.”   

So eight months after we bought our four day passes, it is now only twenty more days until Mindy, Dan, Addie, Anna and I go on our Comic-Con journey. I haven’t been this excited for something in a long time. Over the past couple of weeks Mindy has gathered videos and blogs to show us what the convention is going to be like and hopefully we can go in prepared. For you folks that don’t know what Comic-Con is, it is a four-day convention that showcases comics, sci-fi/fantasy movies and television. The con has been going on since 1970 and has grown to include video games, toys, anime and many popular tv shows. Basically it is a fest for all nerds to come together. The convention usually draws in over a hundred thousand people, there are long waits in lines to get into the panels or to get autographs, there will be celebrities everywhere and did I mention there will be over a hundred thousand people? For the past week I have been checking this handy blog for the convention schedule, which has been slowly coming together. Even though the full one won’t ready for another week, many times have already been released for a bunch of things. I am hoping that things don’t overlap too much and so far it is looking good. Things I am looking forward to are:  

True Blood

1. TV Shows: Although there will be no LOST, I am looking forward to the shows that will be there. On my definite list is True Blood. This is one of my favorite shows on TV right now and it would be awesome to get in to see this. Charlaine Harris will also be at the convention, but I had the pleasure of meeting her already at her book signing back in May at the Bagdad Theater. I have to say she is one amazing person and I even told her that! I love the Sookie Stackhouse books; I finished all nine of them in a month and the show has been amazing. I anticipate that I will have to stand in line for a very long time, but who wouldn’t for a glimpse of Alexander Skarsgard? Also on my list is Vampire Diaries, Fringe and Glee. I am missing out on the Community panel due to Fringe, but that and Diaries is a priority for me. Both casts have been confirmed to be in attendance. Might also have to hit up the Futurama panel since it is in the same ballroom on the same day as the other two

Deathly Hallows

2. Movies: Harry Potter is at the top of my movie panel list. There is word that the movie will be there, but no official cast list or information on the panel has been revealed. After watching the trailer for the movie, I definitely would like to be there for the panel. Twilight will probably have some kind of presence there, but  I am not sure if I want to take that scary adventure. Anyways, I am more of a fan of Harry Potter than I am Twilight  because JK Rowling is a far superior writer than Stephanie Meyer. Yeah there is the appeal of Edward, but Twilight lacks the character building and the compelling story that Harry Potter has to offer. Plus, the Harry Potter movies have been better. Also, Twilight fans are effing crazy. 

Tron banners already up in San Diego

Dan and I are going to go to the Tron panel and all of us are hoping there will be some presence of The Avengers, Thor and/or X-Men First Class.  Also in attendance will be the Green Hornet, Cowboys Vs. Aliens, Green Lantern and many more. I am anxious to see which ones they are going to screen. I am hoping for a Tron screening and it would be amazing if there was a Harry Potter screening, but I think that would be wishful thinking. 

3. Celebrity sightings:  There will be many autograph signings and they will be hard to get into, but I am going to try my best. On my wish list to meet would have to be anybody from the casts of True Blood, Glee and Vampire Diaries. 

4. SWAG: When I think of SWAG I always think of that Office episode when Michael names it “Stuff We All Get.” In fact, is that what it really stands for? Anyways, definitely going to take an extra bag with me so I can visit as many booths as possible and get awesome stuff. Have a feeling my suitcase is going to be overflowing by the time we get done and I already have requests from people of what they want too.  

Hoping for a trip to the zoo

5. Events/San Diego: I have never been to San Diego so I am hoping for a window to go out and explore and there will probably be a time where there isn’t something that I want to see at the convention. There are also alot of outside events that happen during the convention. There are parties that networks/businesses throw, there is a zombie walk, concerts, Joel McHale is doing stand up one night and of course there are the late night movie screenings. Also, an In and Out burger is always a must when going to California.  

Overall, I think that Comic-Con is going to turn out to be one of the coolest things I will ever do. I am anticipating the fact that I may not see everything I want to see, but I am going to try my hardest. I will be blogging while I am there so when the time comes check back for updates, stories and pictures!


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