My Travels: Comic-Con Adventures

Airport welcome

I decided to write about everything after the week was over because I didn’t have time to do it! There are a couple of things that I learned at my first Comic-Con. One, if you have a seat in Hall H and something awesome is coming up, then don’t leave. Two, no matter how perfect your schedule is and how many things there are that you would want to see, it can’t happen. There is a lot of decision making when it comes to Comic-Con; for me it involved TV vs. movies or panels vs. autographs. This is going to be a long one, so bear with me!

Finally aquired the bag I wanted!

Wednesday, preview night: For Wednesday it was basically our walk around the exhibit hall night. We got into San Diego in the afternoon and Addie and Anna were kind enough to let us store our bags in their room until our room was ready. We headed over to the convention center to check in and discovered a handy trolley system not far from our hotel that would drop us off in front of the convention center. We walked around the hall for the evening and checked out all of the vendors while being handed tons of swag. I had so much stuff by the end of the night I was already thinking about where I would store it on the way home. Including the ridiculous sized bags that we got, I ended up with four of them by the end of the weekend. It took me two hours to find the Vampire Diaries one I wanted and finally some guy traded me his bag. I got to try Pinkberry frozen yogurt for the first time and it was so good I went back again two nights later! We also had our needed In and Out burger for dinner. Overall it was a fun night.

Thursday: Big movie day. Dan, Mindy and I got to the Hall H line about seven and it was good that we got up early. Hall H is where all of the movie panels happen and there are ridiculous lines outside to get in. We waited almost three hours and actually scored decent seats and in between panels scored even better seats. On the agenda was some pretty good stuff. Megamind was first with the attendance of Will Ferrell, Tina Fey, Jonah Hill and a life-size cardboard Brad Pitt. Will Ferrell and Tina Fey were pretty funny together and I loved it when Tina stroked the cardboard Brad while it was on her lap. She said it was “something I always wanted to do.”

Jeff Bridges in attendence

Tron was after and I really liked the panel. They showed eight minutes of footage and the new trailer in 3D. I am pretty excited for this movie and it looked amazing. Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wilde and Michael Sheen were all in attendance. Jeff Bridges gave us a lecture on recycling plastic water bottles, thought that was interesting. Battle: Los Angeles and Salt were next with Aaron Eckhart/Michelle Rodriguez for Battle and Angelina Jolie/Liev Schreiber for Salt.  Battle: Los Angeles reminded me of District 9 and it looked pretty cool. I don’t love Angelina, but it was interesting to hear her talk about all the stunt work she did for the movie. It was impressive.

Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, Karl Urban and Mary Louise Parker showed up for Red. After seeing a better trailer, I am more interested in seeing the movie. All of the cast were entertaining during the panel. Bruce Willis seems like a leader and a chill guy. Karl Urban is awesome and he even yelled out “are you out of your Vulcan minds.” I can’t wait for another Star Trek. Love him! It is cool to see Helen Mirren in a bad-ass role when she normally plays, well, the queen of England! It should be an entertaining movie. After Red was the awesome JJ Abrams/Joss Whedon panel moderated by my favorite Entertainment Weekly writer Jeff “Doc” Jensen. It was cool to see them talk about movies, their work and how much they like and respect each other’s work. It was cool hearing about Lost from JJ Abrams and how much he loved the finale.

Expendables men

The Expendables was the last movie panel that I attended for the day. The moderator’s first thought about the movie was “it is an old school kick ass movie”. Randy Couture, Dolph Lundgren, Terry Crews, Steve Austin and Sylvester Stallone were all there with Bruce Willis stopping by for a quick cameo. It was definitely a man’s panel! It was pretty entertaining though and they showed some cool fight scene footage. When Sylvester Stallone walked in everybody started chanting “Rocky”. It was pretty awesome. He also talked about how there was always a hospital trip for someone during shooting the film and that Steve Austin broke his neck in a fight scene! These guys are hard core. I had to leave the panel early and missed out on more footage but only because I was going to an Entertainment Weekly/CBS party.

Celebrities in attendence at the EW party

I was one of the lucky two hundred fans to get in thanks to EW writer Michael Ausiello and seeing his post on Twitter. I have to give props to EW and I like them even more now because they know how to treat their fans. They did free drinks and free food along with appearances from actors of Criminal Minds, NCIS, the Big Bang Theory and Hawaii Five-O. It was so cool seeing Daniel Dae Kim (Jin from Lost) in person. I didn’t get to get a picture with him but did snag one with Jerry O’Connell and he gave me a high five. I also met Jeff Jensen, Lost fanatic/writer for EW and Michael Ausiello. I told Doc Jensen how much I loved his writing and his passion for Lost. I also told him how much my sister Beth liked him too and he told me to say hi to her! She enjoyed that. Both of them signed my EW issue I brought with me and Michael Ausiello was fun to talk to. They gave out an awesome swag bag too complete with a Survivor buff. Overall the day was awesome and I was really happy that we made into Hall H for all of the cool panels.

Awesome True Blood outfits

Friday: This was True Blood day so Mindy and I dressed up in our gear. Our goal was to try to get autographs and/or get into the panel. This was the one thing I was looking forward to. I scouted out the WB booth for a while, but there was too much chaos. Nothing was organized and WB/Comic con security could not control the crowd. Too many women were hovering for the line.

Nathan Fillion!

Alas we were not successful so we decided to try to go to the panel. We got in line for the ballroom, but as I was checking Twitter I saw a tweet from Nathan Fillion that he was in the exhibit hall signing autographs. This was decision #1 so Mindy, Dan and I decided on Nathan Fillion. The line for the ballroom was heavy and we probably wouldn’t have gotten in so we left and booked it to the California Browncoats booth where he was. We bought the Serenity comic they were selling for charity and even though he had to be somewhere, Nathan Fillion still went along the line to sign autographs. We snapped a quick picture of him and he left. This was one of my favorite moments of the week!

Flynn’s Arcade

We went to the Tron arcade after and on our way we ran into Thomas Jane who snapped a pic with me. At the arcade they had this really cool setup of old school video games, including Tron. They gave out Flynn’s Arcade tokens and had a cool Tron bar area in the back complete with techno music and the trailer showing every couple minutes. Afterwards the three of us split up and I went to a Tweethouse get together on the USS Midway. William Shatner and other Star Trek actors were on hand and other celebrities including Tyrese Gibson and Mark Valley were hanging around. It was nice to get out for a while and the Midway was pretty cool.

Ryan Reynolds

Saturday: Started off in Hall H again and attended the Harry Potter/Green Lantern/Sucker Punch panel. The Green Lantern looks pretty cool and Ryan Reynolds is pretty easy on the eyes! There was the cutest little boy asking him about how it felt to recite the Green Lantern oath and he recited it for him then gave him an autographed Green Lantern comic. A lot of the celebrities I saw were nice and cool like that. They even gave a lucky audience member Green Lantern ring off of Ryan’s finger! Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) showed up to talk about Deathly Hallows and there was some awesome footage shown. I am very stoked about this movie after seeing more clips of the first part. Looks like they are going to include a lot of important stuff for the fans, was very happy about that. They gave some cool swag out at the panel along with a Comic-Con exclusive Green Lantern comic and a cool HP shirt.

Vampire Diaries cast signing autographs

I left after HP and went to the WB booth to see if I could score Vampire Diaries autographs. I encountered the same madness from the day before and debated staying. I didn’t want to give up so I endured being squished for forty-five minutes! It paid off though and they selected me to go in line! It was truly an awesome moments. I got to talk to Ian Somerhalder and he even gave me a fist bump! And yes ladies, he really is that sexy and smoldering in person! Most of the cast was in attendance and I got a cool signed poster. Couldn’t get pictures with them, but I took some of the jumbo tron. I decided to skip the TV panels to get back in line for Marvel.

I finally got to the front doors of the hall only to not be let in because of some crazy nerd stabbing another nerd with a pen near the eye over a seat! The whole hall was madness, along with cops and an ambulance and they wouldn’t let anybody else in. I was bummed out because Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig were there for Cowboys and Indians then the whole Avengers cast showed up during the Thor/Captain America panel. Dan and Mindy did get some cool footage and I was glad that they got to see the panel. We finished our night with some dinner and drinks and went back to pack. Cool side note: Mindy and Dan ran into Ryan Reynolds and Dan got to shake his hand!

Castle cast

Sunday: Last day at the con and it was pretty enjoyable. I went to the Castle panel and got to see Nathan Fillion again. They talked about season three and showed some clips of the new Richard Castle book along with a teaser of season three. Nathan Fillion is such a cool dude! When people went up to ask questions he signed stuff to give to them. He even signed a package of Oreos and his wristband from a party the night before! He was hilarious too. There was the cutest little boy in a Malcolm Reynolds outfit and Nathan was kind enough to shake his hand. I was glad to get into the panel; it is one of my favorite shows and definitely a highlight of the con. We walked the exhibit hall for the rest of the day and then made it to the airport.

One of the many cool costumes

Overall it was an awesome trip. Everybody was really friendly and besides the freaky pen fight, nothing else that was crazy happened. There were so many cool costumes too and I loved that everybody got into it as much as they did. It was fun being a nerd and talking to people about TV and movies. Everybody had their exciting moments with Addie meeting her favorite comic people and Dan and Mindy got their comics signed that they brought. I got to meet some cool people along the way and the celebrity sightings were awesome! You have to keep your eyes open every second because they are everywhere (I kept seeing Dennis Miller everywhere and I also saw Adam Corolla).  I might have only gotten to see a few things I wanted, but it is impossible to see everything on your list.  I think a trip for next year will be in order with a few days tacked on for San Diego. We didn’t have time to explore the city and I definitely want to next time. Until next year!



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