Final Comic-Con thoughts

My last thoughts on Comic-Con with my favorite/least favorite moments and some more pictures of the favorite/cool things I saw. Would I do it again? Most definitely! I think this was a learning year and I know now what to do/what not to do.


Meeting Nathan Fillion: I had a bummer of a day on Friday when I couldn’t get into True Blood autographs or the panel. It made my day seeing him and getting his autograph. He was one of the people who was on my list of “celebrities I would want to meet.”

Castle panel: Another Nathan Fillion choice! He was very entertaining and they gave out a cool Castle water bottle. They teased a little from season three and they made him and Stana Katic read out of “Heat Wave”. Probably was my favorite panel.

Thursday, Hall H: I really loved listening to everybody talk; alot of the celebrities on the panels had some interesting things to say. It was worth sitting there all day and the three hour line wait. Expendables was highly enjoyable with all the stories going around about filming; seeing Tron footage was cool too. Loved listening to JJ Abrams and Joss Whedon talk about their projects and their thoughts on movies, tv and each other.

EW/CBS Fandemonium party: This was the highlight of my evening festivities I participated in. Entertainment Weekly sure knows how to treat their fans. On top of free snacks and drinks they added the CBS celebrities to the mix and an awesome swag bag. I got to meet my favorite columnists and loved chatting with them about television. Also met some cool girls that I hung out with for the night (which added on to the fact that most people I met were really nice and liked to chat).

Vampire Diaries autographs: This surely was an accomplishment! I didn’t want to give up on this and even though the mob was atrocious, I ended up getting what I wanted. All you have to do is wait it out! Loved talking to Ian Somerhalder.

Least favorite things:

LINES: Some of these are terrible! There is a line for everything including going down the escalator and crossing the street. I always felt like there was a line to get into a line.

The WB booth: I loathed this booth the whole weekend. If I go back next year, I am going to skip autographs and go to the panels. I don’t know if it is worth it being squished for almost an hour. I know that both WB and the security tried their best but they really need to move this booth somewhere you can have an organized line. They need to designate a better time and place.

Not getting back into Hall H on Saturday: I had already been into the hall in the morning, but because of the stabbing incident I missed out on the biggest event later in the evening which was the assembling of the Avengers. Also missed out on Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford. I think I have learned my lesson on leaving my Hall H seat when you know something big is going down later in the day.

Missing out on True Blood: The one thing that I was looking forward to the most and I didn’t get to see any of it. If I go back next year I will definitely need to prioritize better.

Here are some of my favorite things that I saw like props and costumes with the mix of celebrity sightings. 

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  1. Preach it to me about the WB booth! I tried to get the Vampire Diaries autographs too but couldn’t even find a line to stand in. When I got there it was just a mob of people all screaming and jumping up and down hoping the security guy would pick them. Madness! Needless to say, I did not get my autographs. You are so lucky that you got yours!

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