Trying to get back in the saddle….

I know, its been a while. August has been a crappy month and I am trying to get my mojo back. It has been hard though, I definitely have a case of writer’s block, both here and on my Examiner page. There was an unfortunate death in my family this past month and it has been a little hard to go back to normal. It definitely has had me thinking about how anything can happen and we shouldn’t take life for granted. It has also made me think about what I want out of life and where I would like to end up. I am trying not to let things get to me as much and am trying to get the people that have done me wrong out of my head. This has been difficult to do, but I have come to realize that in the end I am the better person and I hope I wouldn’t treat people the way I have been treated. I am definitely not perfect and even though I wouldn’t admit it right away, I know that there are times where I have been wrong or acted stupid. I am grateful for the friends I do have and how much they have helped me during this difficult time in life.

Besides August, the summer was pretty good. I had two amazing vacations, Florida and Comic-Con. Both were places I had never been and I had a great time. I would definitely go back to both. Other than those trips, I didn’t do much these past few months, just been trying to enjoy my time off before I start school again. I have Maui to look forward to in November and as always I love the holidays. Halloween activities look promising, school starts again at the end of September and college football is starting this weekend so I have more than enough to keep me busy during the winter.

I definitely would like to keep my writing up though. Lost was my passion to write about and now that it is over, I need something new. Updates are nice, but I want to branch out. I need some ideas! So far one of my ideas is to write like a book report for each month, ie. what I read throughout the month and my thoughts. I like doing the TV recaps/thoughts, but need to find a new show/s. So I need some feedback from my readers. Is there anything you would like to read about? Are my ideas something you would want to read? Is there a show or shows that I should tackle? Please, give me some thoughts! I always appreciate them and always appreciate my blogs even being read!


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