Back to School

I did it, I survived my first week of class. This term I am taking just two classes, but this time I wasn’t lucky enough to get online ones. I actually have to go to campus…. the horror! It actually isn’t going to be as bad as I thought it would be. I just need to discipline myself into going to bed on time because in order to be able to go to class I have to be at work by 7 and it sucks!

I have an intro to communication class and a family communication class to keep me busy for the next two months. Both are interesting and I find that I learn better in a face-to-face class, although the online classes suit my schedule better. My fam comm professor is hilarious and I don’t think I have enjoyed a first day of class more than I did in his.

Of course I have already my moment of self-doubt this week. I got to talking to someone in my group and he asked me the questions of what my major is and what I am going to do with it. I explained to him that I was doing some post-bacc work for a degree in communication and that I already had a BA in history. Then he asks me what I am going to do with my communication degree if I already have a degree in history. Good question. I think I tried to sound more convincing to myself than him when I tried to explain that I wanted to go into journalism and both degrees would hopefully help me. It’s hard to explain to people. I have gotten those kind of questions a lot lately and it has made me wonder the answer. I feel like I am not going to get where I want to be someday, but I do feel that school gives me the hope that I will. I know what I want to do, I want to be an entertainment writer, but its the question of how do I get there that lingers. Overall it won’t take me very long to get this degree and I am not worried about the length because I have a job and I want to hit my five-year mark at it (which is June 2011). I think it will be a good term and I am hoping it won’t be too stressful.

I am still working on my Examiner page and just the other day I received an email from someone asking me to come write for their TV recap site. The site is TV Geek Army and I decided to take it on. It doesn’t pay like the Examiner, but I want to put my name out there. You’ve got to start somewhere right? I am only going to be doing the Dancing with the Stars and the Office recaps for now since I have lots of other stuff on my plate so look for my articles on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. 

Other than school the only October happenings is a trip down to Prineville and an eventful Halloween weekend. I am looking forward to some parties, but can’t decide on a costume. I was going to re-use my Sookie outfit, complete with fang marks this time, but after a trip to Spirit Halloween last night it is hard to decide. There were too many cool costumes to choose from. We shall see!


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