My Nerd Bucket List

Thanks to some inspiration from my friend Mindy, I decided to follow in her foot steps and do my own nerd bucket list. I feel pretty lucky to have been able to do the things I have done already and I look forward to completing my goals. 

My accomplishments so far:

My big bag from Comic-Con

Attend the San Diego Comic-Con: I had been wanting to do this for a while and I finally got to go. I went with my friends, Mindy, Dan, Addie and Anna, last year and it was the most fun, but frustrating thing I have ever done. The lines were long, the waiting was sometimes unbearable, but I saw some of the coolest stuff and met the coolest people. It was nice to be in my element and be able to geek out in public. If you are passionate about comics, movies, tv, art, then this is something that you need to do at least once in your lifetime. You can find my recap of my adventure here. I am hoping to make another trip in 2012.

A good moment

Meet a celebrity: So this is probably something everybody wants to do, but when it actually happens you can’t believe it. When I went to Comic-Con I wanted to meet at least one person that I could go home and brag about. I ended up meeting a lot of people, some on purpose and some we just ran into.

I saw Thomas Jane (The Punisher) on the street, got an autograph for my parents from Brent Spiner (Data from Star Trek), got an autographed poster from the Vampire Diaries cast including Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev, got a picture with Jerry O’Connell at a fan party for Entertainment Weekly and got a Serenity comic signed by Nathan Fillion. If that wasn’t enough I recently attended the Emerald City Comic-Com and got to meet John Noble (Walter from Fringe) and Jasika Nicole (Astrid from Fringe). All of this was accomplished just by going to a couple of comic-cons!

My signed EW issue by Doc Jensen and Michael Ausiello

Talk LOST with fellow fanatic and my favorite Entertainment Weekly writer Jeff “Doc” Jensen: I got to attend an Entertainment Weekly fan party in San Diego and I got to talk to Jeff Jensen. I had been reading his recaps on Lost for years (you can find one of his articles here) and it was exciting telling him how much I loved his writing. He even signed my copy of the Lost finale issue of Entertainment Weekly. A bonus was meeting fellow EW writer Michael Ausiello. He signed my issue too!

Charlaine Harris and I


Attend a book signing of a favorite author: The Southern Vampire Mysteries is one of my favorites series and I jumped at the chance last year to attend Charlaine Harris’ book signing for Dead in the Family, her tenth Sookie Stackhouse book, here in Portland. She seemed like such a sweet lady and has the best southern accent. It was fun to listen to her and she was pretty hilarious too. When asked if she would sleep with a vampire or a werewolf her reply was “depends on if you like it hot or cold.”

My elven star inspiration. Mine is in color.

Get a nerd tattoo: True nerds have at least one “nerd tattoo”. I chose something from Lord of the Rings for mine, with the intention of getting this flower I saw on the Return of the King dvd box. After looking around on the internet at various Tolkien sites though I found something I liked better. So when I turned 21 I went and got my elven star tattoo.

Start a book club: I have been wanting to do this for a long time and it finally happened. Mindy helped me get it running and now we have been doing our movie adaptation book club for over a year. I have to say I am pretty proud of us for sticking with it. It is one of my favorite things to do each month.

Things to do:

A Lord of the Rings New Zealand map

1. Travel to New Zealand and walk the road to Mordor: Okay so you can’t really walk the road to Mordor, but you can still go see the amazing scenery from the movie. I have already found a tour, I just need the cash. It might take me a while to save it up, but I refuse to give up on this adventure.

Hogwarts. I could see it, but couldn't go in

2. Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter: Ever since they announced this theme park it has been on my must see list. I went to Orlando last May, but the park had a delay and opened up two weeks after I left. It was one of the main reasons why I was going and it wasn’t ready! The worst part was we could see Hogsmeade and  Hogwarts castle while we walked around the park. The first thing I would want to do is get some Bertie Botts from Honey Duke’s and try a butter beer at the Leaky Cauldron.

Dream costume

3. Dress up for a Comic-Con: I have been to two cons and I have yet to do a cool costume. I dressed as Sookie Stackhouse in San Diego, but I would like go bigger. I would like to do a custom-made Batwoman costume that is the actual Batwoman and not the lame Batgirl one.

4. Write an article for Entertainment Weekly: Writing for Entertainment Weekly is actually my dream job, but to write at least one thing for them would be amazing.

5. Meet more celebrities (and actually talk to Nathan Fillion next time): Celebrities on my wish list are True Blood cast, JK Rowling, JJ Abrams, Steve Carell and Nathan Fillion is a must again because the first time meeting was too quick and I would like for actual dialog to happen!

6. Take a LOST tour in Oahu: I almost did this when I was in Maui last November, but it was too much money because of the plane ride. Next time I go back to Hawaii I intend to stay in Oahu so I can take the Lost tour. There are plenty to choose from too.

7. Attend the JRR Tolkien birthday party at McMenamins: Unfortunately I have to wait until next year to do this because it is in January. They do it every year where they have music and food inspired by Middle Earth. People dress up in costume and then all three Lord of the Rings movies are shown in the theater.

Here are a few non nerdy things I want to accomplish:

1. Own a house

2. Own a vacation home. In reality, a place on the Oregon Coast. In my dreams, Maui or Las Vegas.

3. Own a classic mustang or dodge challenger.

4. Get motorcycle endorsement.

5. Become an entertainment writer.

6. Spend a New Year’s Eve in New York and see a play on Broadway.

7. Take a food road trip through the South. I have most of this planned and want to start in Texas and drive to the east coast, eating at as many BBQ places as I possibly can. Better pack some TUMS!

8. Take a European history tour like this.

9. Go on a safari in Africa.

10. Take a ride on at least one scary roller coaster (like the Hulk at Universal Studios). This is no joke, I have a fear!

11. Finish all my scrapbooks and keep them updated

12. Go to Oktoberfest in Munich

13. Do things in Oregon that I haven’t done yet including travel on the Mount Hood Railroad, go to the Sea Lion Caves, take a Columbia Gorge wine tour, visit the Oregon Historical Society.

14. Take a dance class, preferably ballroom.

This is definitely just a start and I hope to add more to this list as time goes by. Hopefully I can cross off at least one item from my nerd bucket list and my regular bucket list this year.


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